TNH’s 2022 Midterm Election Guide


New Hampshire’s state house in Concord

TNH Staff

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on all things midterm elections. If you’re looking for information on how to vote in Durham, which both in-state and out-of-state students can do, click here. Also, be sure to check out our Instagram, Twitter and TikTok for content on and around election day!

Town of Durham Sample Ballot: Part 1, Part 2

The Issues

TNH Talks Midterm Elections: Why Are You Voting?

How Will Record High Inflation Impact the Midterm Elections in New Hampshire?

How the US House and Senate Candidates View Abortion

Gun Control and the Midterm Elections: Everything You Need to Know

Climate Change in the Midterms: Where do Candidates Stand?

New Hampshire Rates Highest for Student Indebtedness. Where do the Candidates Stand on Student Loans and Debt?

Midterm Update: Marijuana Legalization in New Hampshire and Beyond

New Hampshire Ranks Last in Cost of Voting Index

Governor’s Race: Tom Sherman (D) vs Chris Sununu (R, I)

Sununu vs Sherman for NH governor: These 3 major policy differences could guide your vote

US Senate Race: Maggie Hassan (D, I) vs Don Bolduc (D, I)

Hassan vs Bolduc: Why Democrats in NH are focused on abortion. What do voters think?

Politics as Usual: A Conversation with Maggie Hassan, available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

The New Hampshire made several attempts to contact Don Bolduc’s team, but did not receive a response.

US House Race: Chris Pappas (D, I) vs Karoline Leavitt (R)

Pappas vs. Leavitt race in NH for US House looks close. What could make the difference?

Politics as Usual: A Conversation with Chris Pappas, available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

The New Hampshire made several attempts to contact Karoline Leavitt’s team, but did not receive a response.

Executive Council Race: Dana Hilliard (D) vs Joseph Kenney (R, I)

What is NH Executive Council? Why are low-income health-care funds at stake?

Incumbent Joe Kenney Squares of Against Somersworth Mayor for Executive Council Seat

NH Senate Race: Rebecca Perkins Kwoka (D, I)

Perkins Kwoka has Abortion, Clean Energy on her Mind for Upcoming Legislative Sessions

NH House District 10 Race (4 seats): Timothy Horrigan (D), Loren Selig (D), Cam Kenney (D), Marjorie Smith (D), Tyanne Sylvestre (R), Clifford Zetterstrom (R),  Bonnie McDermott (R), Jennifer Betts Olszewski (R)

Timothy Horrigan Seeks Reelection to New Hampshire House

Loren Selig, Political Newcomer, Vying for Seat in NH House

Marjorie Smith, Self-Described Policy Wonk, Eyes a Return to NH House

Cam Kenney, UNH alum, on the Ballot Again for NH House

The New Hampshire made several attempts to contact the Republican candidates in this race, but did not receive any responses.

NH House District 20 Race: Allan Howland (D) vs Mark Racic (R)

Q&A with Mark Racic, NH House Candidate

Allan Howland profile coming soon

County Attorney: Thomas Velardi 

Thomas P. Velardi Runs Unopposed for his 8th Term as Strafford County Attorney

Register of Deeds: Catherine Berube (D, I) vs William Smith (R)

Catherine Berube Seeks Re-election for Strafford County Register of Deeds Against William Smith

Strafford County Commissioners: George Maglaras (D, I), Deanna Rollo (D, I), Robert J. Watson (D, I), Fergus Cullen (R), Susan DeLemus (R), Jonathan T. Otterson (R)

Democratic Incumbents vie for Re-election to Strafford County Commissioner’s Office