Catherine Berube Seeks Re-election for Strafford County Register of Deeds Against William Smith

Delaney Nadeau, Mouth of the River (ORHS)

One of the few competitive county races is that for Register of Deeds between Catherine A. Berube and Warren W. Smith. The position entails managing the registry of deeds, which contains all the land records for the county, as well as ensuring that all the records fall in accordance with the state laws. The term length in Stratford County is two years.  

Berube, a Democrat from Dover, is the incumbent candidate. Berube was a military child, as her dad served in the Navy.

“[I was] raised in a devoted Catholic family. I grew up seeing both of my parents volunteer their time to the community. In my family it was always understood that you did your best to help others and serve your community. I enjoy working with the public and serving my community as the Register of Deeds,” Berube said. 

Berube used to practice as an attorney specializing in real estate law, but, since being elected in 2020, has had to cut back her attorney hours to focus on her duties in office. 

In the 2020 election, Berube described herself as “honored” to run unopposed. This year that isn’t the case, yet Berube isn’t overly stressed about the outcome of her election. 

“I place great confidence in the voters to know that I have done my best in serving as Register of Deeds with the assistance of my staff,” she said. “I am relying on the voters to appreciate that and place their confidence in me once again.”

Her opponent, Smith, did not respond to The New Hampshire’s request for an interview.

For students looking for more information on how to vote in the upcoming election on Nov. 8, 603 Forward offers information on their website. Students can also access more information on how to vote by checking out the University of New Hampshire Voting page.