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Blanco Returns to UNH

DURHAM—Ryan Farinas and Shane Jozitis met their freshman year at the University of New Hampshire (UNH). They bonded over music and eventually started producing their own songs in Jozitis’s dorm. They loved what they were doing, so they started a band.

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SCOPE welcomes star Bruins player

By 2006, Brad Marchand was drafted to play for New England’s beloved Boston Bruins. Between then and now, he has won a Stanley Cup, World Championship gold and the World Cup gold. A left winger, a proud father and a classy drinker, University of New Hampshire’s (UNH) Student Committee On Popular Entertainment (SCOPE) welcomed Marchand to a live Q&A Monday evening.

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“Hecuba” – Returning to theater’s roots

As May approaches, there is a newfound warmth in the air: warmth that comes with summer looming over the horizon, and a sense of warmth that accompanies the hope that for once, the pandemic may have an end that is in sight. Even though, like the erratic weather we have been seeing lately, nothing about COVID-19 has been predictable, things are looking brighter these days as things are starting to seem normal, or at least, normal-adjacent again. This normalcy comes as a saving grace to many professions and fields impacted by the pandemic, particularly theater. While theater at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) has been far from stagnant this past school year, its newest show “Hecuba” marks the return of live shows on campus as well as a return to theater’s roots: Greek drama.

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Trash or Treasure: NH Seacoast artist digs up the BA & BFA exhibition

As several senior students reach towards their academic diplomas, there is still one last push before they can walk across the stage in May. From business to English students, there is a vast variety of adults at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) ready to jump into the real world. This past Monday, the senior art and fine arts students put forth their work for the last time at UNH.

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Michael Bublé: an overrated figure in music

My middle school is known for our jazz band. Definitely not as good as we thought we were, but not bad. My instrument of choice in the band was the flute. Most of the time it sounded like a suffocating bird instead of an instrument, but despite my inability to actually produce music myself, I appreciated jazz band because of how our conductor taught us how to play it. We would listen to it, break all the parts down, and then build it back together with the instruments we had. This construction and reconstruction method taught me to appreciate music for all its parts and complexity. I learned that different artists don’t just play music, they are able to use their voices or their instruments to portray a certain set of emotion and values.


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The Stone Church turns 50

The technical high point in Newmarket, New Hampshire, may be Bald Hill but the cultural high point of Newmarket is the Stone Church. On top of its own hill, the Stone Church has been a Seacoast musical institution since the 1970s.