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Album Review: “Guts” by Olivia Rodrigo

Album Review: Guts by Olivia Rodrigo

On September 13 2023, University of New Hampshire (UNH) student Natalia Tomahatsch texted all of her closest friends immediately “IT’S BEEN ANNOUNCED, WE MUST BUY TICKETS,” to which I’m sure all of her friends responded in agreement. They were all buying tickets to see Olivia Rodrigo in concert since the famous singer announced her tour for her new album ‘Guts.’ 

Released on September 8, just days before ‘Guts’ offered its audience 39 minutes of Olivia’s amazing lyrical skills, on June 30th, she dropped the already famous song ‘Vampire’ that crescendos between high and low, as if drawing you in only to blow up with sound and passion. 

After her previous album Sour won her three Grammys and multiple Apple Music Awards Olivia was considered one of the best Gen Z artists of our time. Sour was released following the booming popularity that her single ‘drivers license’ received. 

She now presents us with her next masterpiece: Guts. In just 12 songs she makes us cry, scream and sing along; whether you have been broken hearted or not doesn’t matter. Olivia portrays the styles of pop, folk and alternative rock to appeal to her primarily Gen Z audience. 

With the tour expecting a high demand for tickets, pre-registration is being offered. Two different registration groups are split by whether you hold an American Express card or not. She has two concert dates in Boston at TD Garden in April; the amount of people I expect to be lining up is gigantic. 

Once registering, fans won’t know until Wednesday September 20 if they’ve been selected or waitlisted followed by ticket sales beginning on Thursday, September 21. So let’s cross our fingers that there’s a confirmation in my (but also y’all’s) mailboxes come Wednesday morning. 

My personal favorite of the album is ‘get him back!’ Perhaps it’s from the relatability of the lyrics or just the groovy rhythm of the song. As the fall semester is under way, many of us shiver at the thought of running into our ex that we spent all summer trying to get over on our way to class. So as Olivia sings “Oh, I want sweet revenge,” I am sure there are many of us that are singing right along with her. 

Come Wednesday, there will be some very happy fans and some very sad fans at UNH. Let’s just hope there’s more smiles than tears.

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