Cam Kenney, UNH alum, on the Ballot Again for NH House

Phoebe Mulry, Contributing Writer

This election cycle, UNH students are given a chance to vote for one of their own. Cam Kenney, 26-year-old UNH alumnus and Franklin Pierce law school student, is seeking to represent Strafford County’s sixth district for a third term in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. 

He earned the highest number of votes among Democratic candidates in the Sept. primary and has spent the past months devoted to voter outreach, hoping to connect with constituents and return to Concord after the Nov. 8 election. 

“I hope to continue the fight for our community priorities, such as reproductive justice, comprehensive gun reform and increasing affordable housing opportunities,” he said. 

During his first two terms in Concord, Kenney supported bills to protect abortion access and voted in favor of marijuana legalization. He emphasized the necessity for approachable voter registration and supported bills to make it easier for students. 

While he is running as a Democrat, Kenney brings a novel voice to New Hampshire politics. 

He said he wants to “continue to learn from our more experienced leaders while offering a young and progressive voice” emphasizing the need for “experienced, prepared, and strong leadership”

Between law school and legislating, Kenney works as a waiter, making him an experienced advocate for the $15 minimum wage he works to enact. 

He was one of 10 representatives to sponsor House Bill 517, a bill that would increase the minimum hourly rate, increase the base rate for tipped employees and adjust both rates annually based on the most recent 12-month average of the consumer price index. The bill would also require a youth minimum wage for employees under 18 years of age.

As a member of the Judiciary Committee, Kenney is one of 20 representatives who consider all matters relating to the judicial system, including abortion rights. 

“For four years as a member of the Judiciary Committee I have been an outspoken advocate for reproductive justice,” he said. “With the recent Roe decision, I am committed to sponsoring a constitutional amendment protecting the right to control one’s own body.” 

Kenney is “committed to continuing the fight for progressive initiatives” if elected to serve a third term representing Durham.