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Why celebrity voice acting is lazy

Why celebrity voice acting is lazy

Isabelle Curtis February 4, 2022
Last November, I was one of the many that watched with fascinated horror as Chris Pratt was voice cast as Mario and then Garfield only days later.  Despite recent allegations of homophobia, Pratt’s rise to stardom from the Marvel franchise has made him a box office draw.
Opinion: UNH Health & Wellness Hosted Pro-Abortion Panel Discussion

Opinion: UNH Health & Wellness Hosted Pro-Abortion Panel Discussion

Althea Ansah November 10, 2021

I glanced at the clock in my living room: it was 6:27 p.m. After grabbing my phone and headphones, I rushed upstairs to my room and logged onto Zoom. University of New Hampshire (UNH) Health &...

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Opinion: You are more important than your grades

Cassie Hollasch March 5, 2021

Sometimes it seems there will be no end to this pandemic. Yet, we have normalized it now and expected everyone to go on with their lives and not think too much about it. But not thinking about something...

College students hold the keys to cultivate civility

Evan Edmonds January 20, 2021

As this challenging year comes to a close, the United States looks back on a year of polarization and politicization of public issues between holders of opposing viewpoints. A divisive election and...

OPINION: A Hope for Less “Interesting” Times

Cassie Hollasch November 12, 2020

For many, last weekend felt like the first time in a long while where we could breathe again. After an eventful four years culminating in a pandemic the likes we have not seen in a century,...

Ben’s Bench: A Moderate’s Take on 2020

Cassie Hollasch November 2, 2020

In this modern political world, there are only two ways to get to “know” someone: by peering at their political record, and diving into the person behind it.  Looking at...

OPINION: Halloweekend – Horrors and Hopes for 2020

Cassie Hollasch October 24, 2020

One month left of on-campus classes. Once again, it feels almost miraculous. Now with Halloween approaching fast, life seems almost magical as the University of New Hampshire (UNH) manages to have low...

OPINION: Last week in politics: COVID-19, SCOTUS, and the presidential debate

Hannah Donahue October 8, 2020

These past couple weeks in politics have been chaotic. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away after succumbing to pancreatic cancer, the first Presidential debate was a slew of hurling insults and talking...

OPINION: Ed Markey’s win brings an end to the Kennedy’s reign

Hannah Donahue September 21, 2020

As the 2020 presidential election draws closer, the country is at a standstill looking at the given options: Joe Biden, a moderate Democrat who we became familiar with while he served as...

OPINION: First-year student describes quarantine experience

OPINION: First-year student describes quarantine experience

Hannah Donahue September 10, 2020

I’ve spent the first two weeks of my freshman year in quarantine. I spent a couple months and a 1,050-mile car ride anticipating these first few days of college, thinking of who I would meet and the...

Ben’s Bench: Confirming the comeback

Hannah Donahue March 12, 2020

In accomplishing a comeback typically reserved for Hollywood blockbusters and Oscar winners, former Vice President and current frontrunner Joseph R. Biden, Jr., went from becoming a guest star on the...

Ben’s Bench: The Democratic Debate that wasn’t

Hannah Donahue February 27, 2020

I want to start this off with an apology. In my last election editorial, I questioned the seemingly crazy decision on the part of Deval Patrick to enter the Democratic race in a rather, retrospectively...

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