Ten Classes Worth Taking at UNH



Stefanie Kistler, Staff Writer

Spring registration is just around the corner! As we are now five weeks out from the end of the semester, it is important for students to look for the classes they will be taking in the spring. Here is a list of 10 important classes that all students should consider whether they can fulfill a major or minor requirement, discovery credit or just a fun elective.

  1. Personal Finance (BUS 530)

One of the biggest realizations many students have is that they have no idea how to manage their own finances. Enter Personal Finance. This class is a great way to learn something that will be useful in your life, even if it may not be part of your major. It teaches incredibly valuable skills such as tax planning, insurance coverage and managing debt.  It is also a great quantitative reasoning discovery course to take if you are not a math person. 

  1. Making Babies (NURS 450)

Where do babies come from? Making Babies delves into the details of reproduction and the growth of a baby in the womb, a topic that is highly important for everyone to learn. While some might be embarrassed to take this class, I say push through because Making Babies has valuable information for all on a topic that is sorely under-taught. It is also a fairly easy class to fulfill an Environment, Technology and Society (ETS) discovery credit.  

  1. Human Sexuality (HDFS 746)

While some might laugh at a class about sex, sexual health and history is a topic that most people know is not very discussed in the US, especially in the classroom. This class aims to teach all about the biological, psychological and cultural aspects of human sexuality and help students learn how to deal with sexual issues that may arise in their own personal lives. This class is only available to juniors and seniors.

  1. United States Healthcare Systems (HMP 401)

Many have probably heard the various opinions about the US and its healthcare system, but how many know how it actually works? Enter United States Healthcare Systems. This class teaches the ins and outs of the US’s current health policy issues. If you want to be prepared for when you must take part in the healthcare system (without your parent’s aid), and simultaneously meet a social science discovery requirement,  this is the class for you.

  1. Organizational Behavior (MGT 535)

Have you ever had a terrible boss? What about a coworker who you just didn’t click with? Organizational Behavior is a class that teaches how to handle situations like this. The class generally explains and shows how people and organizations function in a business space, which is useful knowledge for anyone to have.

  1. Nutrition in Health and Wellbeing (NUTR 400)

More than half of college students suffer from malnutrition, according to Medical Daily. To combat this, Nutrition in Health and Wellbeing is a fantastic class to take. While fulfilling the lab requirement as well as a biological science discovery credit, this class teaches students the science of nutrition and how to eat to make yourself happy and healthy. Your body is a temple, right? 

  1. Propaganda and Persuasion (CMN 456)

Absorbing media is a regular thing that people deal with. One of the most important things to do is understand if what you are reading is accurate. The best way to do this is to get to the root of how propaganda is created, and how the media will try to persuade you to have certain opinions. This class will aid you in these areas, and meet a humanities discovery course. Students come out of it with a better understanding of how to identify media manipulation.

  1. Public Speaking (CMN 500)

Does speaking to a crowd make you want to cry? If so, this might be a class you need. Public Speaking focuses on teaching students the ins and outs of presentations and crowd speeches and is a great way to conquer a fear that many people have. Most people do some sort of public speaking in their life, so if you want to get a jumpstart on building this skill, this is the class for you. 

  1. Professional and Technical Writing (ENGL 502)

With the advent of technology, the importance of writing skills and the ability to communicate properly cannot be stressed enough. No matter what job you have in the future, writing will be part of it, be it memos, emails or reports. This class will teach how to write like a professional and build skills that all jobs utilize. It also meets a writing intensive course requirement. 

  1. Stressed Out (OT 513)

It is a normal human experience to be stressed. Many people deal with it in different ways, some more destructive than others. Stressed Out aims to teach students about  human stress and effective ways of dealing with it. With  high anxiety levels among college students, this class is absolutely necessary to take. This class currently isn’t available for spring 2023, but be on the lookout for future semesters!