Review: “Scream VI” a sequel to the requel (spoiler free)


Anya Carver, Contributing Writer

If you’re a fan of the original 90s slashers, or even just a horror fan generally, then the recently released “Scream VI” is a great film to check out. The film has all of the elements that make veteran fans of the franchise feel nostalgic while also putting a modern spin on it. No time was wasted in the production of this movie as it was released on March 10, 2023 which is about a year after “Scream” (2022). 

Everyone thought the series was over — especially after the death of the famous horror director, Wes Craven, who directed the first four “Scream” movies — but they were wrong. Directors Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin decided to take the future of the franchise into their own hands by honoring the work of Craven, and it’s safe to say they are doing an excellent job.

The story in “Scream VI” takes place about a year after the events that occurred in “Scream” (2022). The four surviving friends that return include Sam Carpenter played by Melissa Barrera, Tara Carpenter played by Jenna Ortega, Mindy Meeks-Martin played by Jasmin Savoy Brown and Chad Meeks-Martin played by Mason Gooding. Some characters from the original movies are also featured, such as Gale Weathers played by Courtney Cox and Kirby Reed played by Hayden Panettiere.

In this rendition, the group is attending college in the heart of New York City and once again, someone behind a Ghostface mask is back to kill. The group knows that the only way to stop the killer once and for all is to kill them first. Having this story take place in New York City was something that had never been done before in this franchise, since all of the previous movies have taken place in California, often in a fictional town called Woodsboro. So right off the bat, it was clear that this movie was going to be different than the others. 

The movie starts out with the opening sequence, which introduces a new Ghostface with his first kill. The opening sequence in “Scream VI” is brilliant because it stays true to the formula from the original films while making it more relatable with modern times. However, what follows is no typical “Scream” movie. This film did not disappoint with taking great risks to keep you on the edge of your seat from the high stake chase sequences, to brutal kills that make your stomach turn. There was no dull moment in this movie and it takes you through a roller coaster of emotions. 

Regarding the characters, I would say that the core group — Tara, Sam, Mindy and Chad — were much more likable in this movie than in “Scream” (2022). You could really appreciate the bond they all had formed from the trauma they experienced together in the prior film and you can’t help but want them to survive. This is especially true with the sisters Tara and Sam Carpenter who have great on-screen chemistry as a sister duo. 

The final act when the killer is unmasked was thoroughly exciting and shocking. However, it could have been stronger since it was too similar to something the franchise has done before. Overall, “Scream VI” is a film that will make you sweat, but nonetheless is incredibly entertaining and a brilliant addition to the franchise.