Album Review: Metallica’s “72 Seasons”


Emma Kostyun, Contributing Writer

On April 14 history repeated itself. After seven years, Metallica dropped a new album: “72 Seasons.” With 12 tracks this album counts for 77 minutes of thrash metal hits that rock you to your core. 

Metallica’s last album “Hardwired…To Self Destruct” came out seven years after its predecessor. Does Metallica have a meaning for doing it in this manner?

The seven-year cycle is used in psychology, biology and astronomy as well as this old time rocker’s album release dates. Perhaps Metallica believes that if they leave their fans hanging this long, then they will increase their love of this band. 

The band teased this album with single releases such as, “Lux Æterna” in November, “Screaming Suicide” in January, “If Darkness Had A Son” and “72 Seasons” in March. Their fan website also included album work hidden in their pages as to tease the audience of what was to come. 

The title itself “72 Seasons” is meant to represent our first 18 years and how who we are as adults is shaped by this stretch of time. 

My personal favorite song on this album is “Sleepwalk My Life Away”. It starts with a low and upbeat intro before breaking into a loud guitar riff and the dark lyrics that plague most metal songs. “Should I fall, I fall down. Would you come, you come round.” 

For 2023 and 2024 Metallica is on tour throughout Europe and North America. This concert series offers two nights in each city with different openers and different sets. Night one we will see Pantera, of whom they use influences of in their song “Lux Æterna,” along with Marmoth. Night two has openings from Five Finger Death Punch and Ice Nine Kills. 

In honor of National American Sign Language Day, Metallica became the first major rock band to produce videos for every single one of their songs in ASL. Nothing will stop rock and roll lovers from loving Metallica and nothing will stop Metallica from giving to their fans. 

Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait seven more years for their next album!