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Editorial: The Earth without art is ‘eh’

One of the best parts about college is that a student’s schedule is mostly made up of personal interests. After declaring majors and minors, with the exception of the required discovery courses, classes are tailored to a student’s strengths and talents. It is often the case that after a student completes the required arts credit, that student will never again attend a UNH arts event. We at The New Hampshire think that’s a trend that should change.

Students transition into the “real world” by learning as much as they can about their hopeful future careers, taking any experience they can get. Through internships, job shadowing and the many other opportunities UNH offers, students can build their resume to become competitive prospectives. For most students, the goal after leaving college is to get a job in their desired field. However, it is often forgotten that us college students are more than just future employees; we are future members of the adult society.

Although it is important for students to be proactive in building resumes and experiences, it is equally important to become a well-rounded and educated individual. Challenging oneself through spoken and written expression, experiencing different cultures through dance, music and visual arts, and letting great works take over the imagination are skills immensely important to expanding one’s education. 

Art is a way to tell a story. Art is a way to express emotion through more than words. Art is a way to teach others about different cultures and moments in history. Most importantly, art allows us to see ourselves in different ways. Art challenges each individual uniquely.

Art can also reflect problems that people face everyday. By witnessing a character in a movie or play deal with a specific issue, we as viewers can learn how to deal with that problem, or sympathize with someone who is suffering. As important as it is to be well-versed in your major of choice, being empathetic and cultured are skills that will help you advance in your relationships with other people, as well as whatever career you choose.

According to PBS, studies have shown education in the arts can have dramatically positive affects on the development of young children, improving their motor skills, language development, decision-making and visual learning, just to name a few. If painting and drawing in preschool can accelerate vital brain functions, it’s hard to believe all of art’s psychological benefits go away completely as we age.

And, even if you didn’t have any stellar art teachers as a kid, you’re in luck, Wildcat. There is a wealth of opportunities to get involved with or at least appreciate the arts here at UNH, and the perfect place to start is on pages 9, 10 and 11 of every Thursday issue. Whether you like visual art, music, film or dance the best, there is undoubtedly a club or event at this university for you. And, if you’ve never been one to enjoy any of those things, you might as well try one out while you can. You just might like what you find.   

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