Local Musician Farinas Releases Album, “Tie Die Tape”


Phoebe Mulry, Contributing Writer

Local artist Ryan Farinas looks for mainstream success in his new project “Tie Die Tape.”  The album, released on November 11, is Farinas’s first, which he has been working on for years. 

“I came up with the idea my senior year of high school, 6 years ago. During that time I was listening to a lot of Chance the Rapper. His album, “Coloring Book,” had just come out, and “Acid Rap” had solidified the fact that I wanted to make music.” 

Farinas found inspiration in many artists. “Early on it was a lot of mimicry. I would copy what the music I loved sounded like – Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean, Mac Miller.”

He developed his sound during his time at the University of New Hampshire, performing with his band, “Blanco,” a group of Jazz musicians. “Just from messing around with them, I got a lot of jazz and R&B influence,” said Farinas. 

The “Tie Die Tape” is a journey and is meant to be listened to like one. From the first song, “Takeoff,” to the last song “Grounded,” it’s the story of a trip, psychedelic or otherwise. Farinas explained that “Takeoff” is the come up, “Smilin” is the peak, and “Grounded” is the comedown and realization.” 

Farinas released multiple singles before the drop of the whole album, the earliest being “I Wanna Die In Hawaii,” in 2020. Six months later he dropped “Smilin,” and six months after that, “East Flamingo Ave,” and “You Get Me So High.” Today, his Tiktok introducing “YGMSH” has over one million views, but that’s not the only success of this album. 

Farinas also collaborated with Young Chris and Childish Major on some songs. When making frequent trips to Los Angeles this past year to record, other artists would be hanging around the studio. 

While recording “Turbulence,” Farinas said “Young Chris heard the beat and ended up coming and asking whose song it was.” 

From there, they decided to work together on a track.

The Childish Major connection was made through a friend. Farinas sent the artist four tracks, and he decided to jump on “Bout Time.” 

“He heard it at 11p.m., and by 3a.m. he had sent me a finished track,” said Farinas.

Farinas also just got signed by distributor and label EMPIRE, which was a huge help in distribution of the album. But like with any major project, there were bumps in the road. He ended up having to release the album earlier than expected. “We had to push the release because of the record deal. We wanted to get it done fast to release independently.” 

That meant everything had to be finished, and quick. “We basically had two weeks to prepare everything, including album art.”

The cover art was done by Val Henderson, @todayfeltlike on Instagram. 

The art matches the title; Farinas described how the album is like a tie-dye shirt. “You just add a bunch of different colors, and you love it cause you made it yourself.” 

He said the album is reflective of that idea, and Farinas described the finished product as, “A mash-up of a bunch of different sounds,” with something for everybody. 

As for what’s next, Farinas doesn’t seem too worried. “I have a bunch of songs recorded but I’m just going to keep pushing the “Tie Die Tape,”  it’s my baby.”