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UNH to cut 72 faculty and staff members

Isabel Dreher, Managing Editor January 25, 2024

On the morning of Jan. 17, Ashley Cierri along with her music department peers, received an email in her inbox with a subject line simply stating “Some News.” The email came from Susan Adams, the senior...

Local Musician Farinas Releases Album, “Tie Die Tape”

Local Musician Farinas Releases Album, “Tie Die Tape”

Phoebe Mulry, Contributing Writer December 8, 2022

Local artist Ryan Farinas looks for mainstream success in his new project “Tie Die Tape.”  The album, released on November 11, is Farinas’s first, which he has been working on for years.  “I...

Tai Verdes does “A-O-K” at UNH SCOPE concert

Tai Verdes does “A-O-K” at UNH SCOPE concert

Aubrey Benoit, Arts Editor December 17, 2021
By 7 p.m. on Thursday Dec. 9, the Granite State Room (GSR) at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) was filled to a capacity of a little over 400 people, some waiting to see live music for the first time since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. 
Mini review: Razias Shadow

Mini review: Razia’s Shadow

Hannah Donahue October 20, 2020
I’ll say it now, “Razia’s Shadow” was criminally underrated when it was first released and its fade into obscurity was unjust. Like clockwork, this album from 2008 finds itself back on my playlists in time for October, despite it neither being creepy nor spooky.
Courtesy of Republic Records

Folklore: Swift’s new style

Hannah Donahue August 27, 2020
While we were baking banana bread, learning tik tok dances (cringe), and tie-dying sweatshirts in quarantine, Taylor Swift was writing the best album of her entire career. The best part? No one had any idea.
Innocent Country 2

‘Innocent Country 2’ by Quelle Chris: A review

Hannah Donahue May 15, 2020
Fate, kismet, destiny. It’s got a smorgasbord of different names, but countless people seem to believe in it; this idea that everything happens for a reason.
Earl Sweatshirts I Dont Like S***, I Dont Go Outside five years later

Earl Sweatshirt’s “I Don’t Like S***, I Don’t Go Outside” five years later

Hannah Donahue March 30, 2020
Five years ago, Earl Sweatshirt released his sophomore studio album "I Don't Like S***, I Don't Go Outside," accomplishing the near-impossible.

Wilson Phillips: How the 90s Introduced Me to the 80s

Hannah Donahue February 27, 2020

Ah, the 1980s…the decade where vivid neon and perky pastels unrooted equable and banal Earth tones; where large, cumbersome vinyl records crackled with envy at the growing portability of compact...

An ode to the age of  the Wu: Rae and Ghost

An ode to the age of the Wu: Rae and Ghost

Hannah Donahue February 13, 2020
HOLD UP AND ANALYZE these wild raps bring back those rich, gritty, lyrical bars that represent what is now a scarce style of hip-hop. Raekwon the Chef and Ghostface Killah of the Wu Tang Clan emulate that style of rap.

‘Circles’ is Mac Miller’s tender, contemplative send-off

January 30, 2020
This isn’t an album review. Personally, it feels wrong to review a posthumous album, given that its release is more so a tribute to that person’s life and passion for music than an artistic statement searching for critique.
The intimate entertainment of ONCE Somerville

The intimate entertainment of ONCE Somerville

Hannah Donahue August 22, 2019
ONCE Somerville is a relaxed venue that describes itself as "not quite a nightclub" but "not quite a bar"
My summer through music

My summer through music

Hannah Donahue August 22, 2019
Arts Editor Caleb Jagoda covers his soundtrack that guided him through summer 2019
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