Class of 2021 Senior Farewells: Shawn Latulippe, Design Editor


Shawn L

When I first walked into our newsroom I was slightly intimidated by all of the cool, older, more seasoned-looking journalists, but I soon felt at home with people I came to know as great people that happened to be great writers too. Seeing how they believed in me inspired me to put my best work forward always.  

I started my career at TNH as a staff writer in fall of 2019 and soon fell in love with the thrill of covering events, talking to strangers and meeting deadlines that were a little too close for comfort sometimes. Being a part of TNH allowed me to hone my writing skills and also pushed me out of my comfort zone, making me a much better journalist. 

I’ll always be grateful for my experience at TNH. From the people I interviewed to the TNH’ers that helped edit my sometimes not-so-perfect stories, I feel lucky to have been a part of such a great group of people. I also feel lucky to have covered such a wide variety of stories from the SEDS rocket team, to Cultural Connections, to the recent political season, to climate change and sustainability topics. Meeting people and telling their stories is one of the best parts of being a journalist and making sure the truth is out there is one of the most important parts.  

This year, I got to be the Design Editor and got to enjoy late nights producing the newspaper that was always worth the work we put in. And even in difficult situations, which really was this whole past year, it always felt like I had people to count on. And it seems our transition from print to online journalism has been a success. 

But this success would not have been possible without the amazing people I have come to know this year. Josh Morrill, our Executive Editor, encouraged me to join TNH and I will forever be grateful for that. He along with Anna Kate Munsey, our Managing Editor and Hannah Donahue, our Content Editor have led TNH this year and made sure we were all putting our best work out. Our Sports Editors Cam Beall and Shaun Petipas have navigated one of the most difficult years for sports and our Arts Editors Caitlin Staffanson and Cee Annis have navigated a difficult year for the arts. And both have managed to put out great stories despite many setbacks. Our News Editors, Julia Stinneford and Katie Hoppler have strengthened many stories (mine included) and our Web Editor Cassie Hollasch has gotten all of these stories online, which was more important than ever before. We also have more than a few talented staff writers and contributors that make news at TNH the best it can be. 

I find that the best part of leaving is in knowing that the TNH team will carry on strong when us seniors leave. They will not just carry the torch on, but will light many more and make it an even better newspaper for all of the future writers and editors out there. 

At the end of the day it’s the people that make TNH everything it is and I’m looking forward to seeing all that they accomplish in the future.