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TNH Farewell Cassie Hollasch

TNH Farewell Cassie Hollasch

Cassie Hollasch, Web Editor May 10, 2022

When I came on to The New Hampshire (TNH), COVID-19 had changed the way that a lot of student organizations operated and we couldn’t meet together as a whole staff in the newsroom. Since a lot of my...

Senior Farewell: Cameron Beall

Senior Farewell: Cameron Beall

Cameron Beall, Sports Editor May 6, 2022

I spent Wednesday nights in the newsroom producing pages and editing stories, not writing my Shakespeare essay due in seven hours. I spent Friday nights sitting alone in the WUNH studio watching the sound...

Senior Farewell: Anna Kate Munsey

Senior Farewell: Anna Kate Munsey

Anna Kate Munsey, Managing Editor May 4, 2022

The saying goes that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. I’m going to law school, so clearly that’s not a theory I’m currently subscribing to.   All jokes...

Senior Farewell: Joshua Shaw

Joshua Shaw, Sports Editor May 4, 2022

Lately, I’ve been asking myself, “What if…?”     It shouldn’t come as a shock. These sorts of questions always arise when one races towards a conclusion.     For me, the biggest...

Senior Farewell: Hannah Donahue

Senior Farewell: Hannah Donahue

Hannah Donahue, Content Editor May 3, 2022

When I was in the fourth grade, I had asked my parents to sign me up for the after-school program that was all about creating a newspaper for Garrison Elementary School. I specifically remember working...

Class of 2021 Senior Farewells: Caitlin Staffanson, Arts Editor

Anna Kate Munsey August 2, 2021
every U-Day, talked to many different org groups on campus, sometimes even attending a meeting or two, but nothing ever stuck.  

Class of 2021 Senior Farewells: Evan Edmonds, Staff Writer

Evan Edmonds August 2, 2021
When I was young, around five or six years old, I would tell everyone that I wanted to grow up to be an author/illustrator. I’d constantly write wacky stories, combining them with any given scraggly shape or coloration I could whip up in my mind. Then I realized something that put a damper on my first dream - I can’t draw. Except for ducks, dinosaurs and elephants (still learning the last one).
Class of 2021 Senior Farewells: Aqeel Hisham, Staff Writer

Class of 2021 Senior Farewells: Aqeel Hisham, Staff Writer

Cassie Hollasch April 28, 2021
As an international student, my college plan was simple – blend in, be successful and find enough friends to create unforgettable memories with. Well, that was easier said than done considering the number of exaggerations and unrealistic scenarios that media conveys of life in America.

TNH's annual Wildcat Sports Awards

Bret Belden April 27, 2017

Team/Coach of the Year:  Maureen Magarity- Women's Basketball  After a season that broke the program record for most wins in a single season and a program’s first outright regular season America East...

A proactive adventure

Bret Belden May 5, 2016

Any way you look at it, summer is a pretty phenomenal time of the year. The weather is warmer, it stays light outside later and we New Englanders can ditch our heavy winter coats for some lighter attire....

"Oh! The places you’ll go…”

Bret Belden April 28, 2016

Congrats, grad. You made it through four years of hard work, tears of joy, tears of stress and maybe even the freshman 15. But after four years and a completed college degree, your most important life...

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