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You say we need a revolution

For a university that takes pride and immense strides in sustainability, and has so many individuals who are extremely conscious and mindful when it comes to our earth, there is a major issue in our own backyard. On A1 of this issue, staff writer Alycia Wilson has uncovered the truth behind a recycling rumor that has been circling campus: Orion Student Housing, a popular off-campus student housing complex in Durham, does not offer a recycling option to its tenants.

In this day and age, focusing on the environment is extremely important. According to, recycling one ton of plastic bottles saves the equivalent energy usage of a two person household for one year. The fact that this complex in Durham is refraining from supplying their residents with a recycling bin, which would cost them no extra fees, besides the initial cost of the container, is absurd and saddening.

Sustainability is an effort that needs to be practiced by many individuals in order to become productive. Although every singular effort counts, this larger company does not conform to viable practices, preventing many students from accessing a convenient recycling option. It is time for the community to band together and demand a change from this company that operates in the town of Durham.

While this change will require us getting together to take action, it is always important to continue to make our own recycling efforts to better the environment. Buying products made from recycled material is just one of the ways to live a more sustainable life and support companies and businesses that make these efforts. Saving plastic bags and using these bags for trash, reusing plastic containers, avoiding disposable plates and silverware and donating clothes are all ways to live by the three R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle.

When something seems wrong, speak up. With so many students living within these apartments, it is time to take action and make a change. Young adults have a lot more power than they realize. Once you know what you want to take action on, are educated on the subject and can get some others involved with your cause, there is nothing to do but fight for what is right. Taking on Durham’s recycling issues today, solving world problems tomorrow…Nothing can stop a Wildcat.

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