Paul College hosts annual Gourmet Dinner and Brunch

Bret Belden

Before leaving for break to feast on the long awaited Thanksgiving dinner, the Peter T. Paul’s class of Advanced Food and Beverage Management hosted its semi annual Gourmet Dinner and Brunch, presenting a delectable international experience for supportive UNH students, alumni and family members.unnamed-1-copy

The event lasted three days and consisted of two nights of dinner on Friday, Nov. 18 and Saturday, Nov. 19, and one brunch on Sunday morning, Nov. 20. Dinner tickets cost $55 and brunch tickets were $25. The venue could seat roughly 112 people serving each attendee a three-course meal that could be personalized to the individual’s preferences.unnamed-4-copy

To begin, each table was given a big, assorted ‘bread and spread’ plate to ready the pallet. Customers also had the option to purchase wine, beer and cocktails to pair with their meal.

For the first course of the brunch, the salad options were an Israeli couscous with lemon dill vinaigrette or a Greek inspired salad with a yogurt/buttermilk dressing. For those who fancied a soup, customers had their choice of a Thai coconut soup or a Vietnamese beef Pho.

For the entrée, guests had their choice of steak and eggs coupled with delightful potato croquettes and assorted fruit, roasted vegetable crepes with a balsamic glaze, or the Holstein schnitzel.

Finally for dessert, staff served a gluten-free wild blueberry sorbet, New York style marble cheesecake or a seasonal apple cider doughnut.