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From the Editor’s Desk ‘…but still like air, I’ll rise’-Maya Angelou

Today the campus felt dead. Every class I went to,  people were in this state of shock. It was impossible not to talk about how the results of the presidential election made us each feel. Although the general consensus I received from my fellow classmates, teachers and friends was of utter disbelief, I saw a good amount of “Make America great again” hats; more than I have ever seen before on campus.

I could go on a rant about why Donald Trump shouldn’t be president, but, I have already done that. The matter of the fact is that he will be the president and being the person I am, after the few hours of grief this morning I couldn’t help but think, what next?

At first, I was in disbelief that this “silent majority” won. But, as the day progressed and I learned more about the vote count, I started to, as Obama would say, get “fired up” and “ready to go.” Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by over 200,000. The majority of Americans did not vote for Trump to be president, and this restores my faith in the people of our nation.

I have never really understood the “fairness” of the electoral college but today my confusion grew into frustration and anger. To me, a leader should represent the majority of what the people want. I know this belief can be argued, but I don’t understand why we all vote if the outcome does not reflect what the majority wants, especially in this more progressive era where all citizens over the age of 18 can choose who they want to be president. I took to the internet, talked to friends of both parties who study politics to ask why this system of what we call “democracy” relies on this electoral college system. One of them said this:

“Ironically, the theory was that the electoral college would prevent popular passions from delivering a dangerous man into the presidency because the final decision would be left up to the electors not the public…As time went on most states allowed the public to choose the electors in winner-take-all slates, and the electors, far from being esteemed and independent people, tended to be political hacks certain to vote with their party.”

So to me, the question still remains on how the electoral college system represents what America wants. There is no other election conducted in the United States structured like the electoral college, so why do we use it for the presidency? This all being said, there is nothing we can do that will change the fact that Trump will be the 45th President of the United States. So, back to my question, what now?

Now is the time for us to rise. For we who believe that love is love, for we who believe women can achieve, who believe it is a women’s right to choose, to have access to healthcare and affordable education. For we the majority who believe in inclusion of all races, genders and identities and rights for disabled to overcome. As I have said before, we cannot retrograde into the morals and laws that have not represented liberty and justice for all but instead hatred and selectivity.

A lot can happen in four years and just because this presidential race is over does not mean your attention to what is happening in our nation can stop. It is more crucial than ever to pay attention to laws on the table and bills being passed. Continue to preach, fight and raise awareness for what you believe in. Just because this chapter has come to an end does not mean America has. We the people need to come together and show the world that we are more than our president. Stay educated, keep with the times, remain engaged and never stop fighting for what you believe in. We are stronger together.

All my best,

Allison Bellucci

Executive Editor


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