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A silent majority

There is a quiet and subtle revolution currently taking place here in the United States.

With primary season in full swing candidates are giving their final pitches on why he or she should be the next president of the United States. Despite the large crowd supporting Democratic-Socialist Bernie Sanders, who made loud noises and danced in the streets during a debate here at UNH a few weeks ago, they are not the majority in this country.

The majority of voters are and what will be the thousands of student-voters who will pick a conservative for the White House in 2016. These voters, by the way, will not need a free concert and a hat to in order to support their candidate.

These voters are a silent majority hoping for a 21st century kind of change with principled and value-first leadership. Moreover, there are many things we do not want to see changed, including freedom, free enterprise, and the opportunity to prosper.

Although our voices could be just as loud and distracting as the lefts, we (the silent majority) choose to go about our days, trying to provide for our future and make real change in our and others’ lives by starting businesses, making good grades or taking two trains to an internship. We are a majority that knows our rights come from our creator, not the government. We are those who realize that our police officers and firefighters are tremendous people and are the reason why the rest of us can enjoy the security and safety we feel everyday without even thinking about it. We know that when we graduate from college, we are supposed to have three, four or five job offers. We know that the world is a safer and more peaceful place when the United States is the strongest military on earth. We know that all of us have inherited the greatest nation the world has ever seen thanks to the hard work of the generations before us.

We also know that ideologies have been ridiculed, undermined and threatened by a loud progressive party.  A party that says America should be cut down to size and act like the rest of the world. To that notion, most of us conservatives fundamentally disagree. 

We do not want to be like the rest of the world, we want to be the United States of America.

For example, our identity as a nation was threatened in 1979. Iran held Americans hostage, the then United Soviet Socialist Republic was flaunting its strength in nuclear weapon and our economy was in the gutter. People felt like their shot at the American Dream was slipping away.

But conservatives, who were a silent majority as they are now, voted Ronald Reagan in as our president. On his first day, those hostages were released by Iran. Our military was reinvigorated—not cut—and America would lead with peace through strength.

Because of this, the USSR would ultimately collapse, and the decades-long cold war would no longer be on the news, but in our history books. In the years during Reagan’s presidency, home-ownership was at an all time high, and the private sector grew. The American Dream was back, and it was morning again in America.

This year, the silent majority will come back, vote for real leadership who believes in America and the American people.  We will choose a conservative president who will re-apply the principles of free enterprise, limited government and a strong national defense, principles which have created the most free and prosperous nation in the history of world.

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