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Taking a look at why celebrating Halloween at UNH is important for the sake of your own sanity

To students on the fence about dressing up for Halloween this weekend: Do it.

We’re at the point in the semester where the weather is getting bitterly cold, days are getting terrifyingly short and homework piles are stacking up like crazy.

Moreover, now is the time when the semester can be truly draining. Generally speaking, roommates are beginning to get on each other’s nerves, sickness is starting to plague residence halls and apartments, and all that hard-earned summer cash is drying up rapidly.   

Although weekends are valuable for catching up on sleep, Netflix, and homework, it’s important to have fun and socialize. Halloween allows students to do just that, and in the best way possible.

Getting dressed up is fun. That’s not even a matter of opinion. It’s a fact. At one point or another, most of us students likely told someone that we weren’t getting dressed up for Halloween because we were “too mature.” Oh, to be young.

Acting like a kid again can be a great way to temporarily remove your mind from focusing on the things that cause stress. I’m not talking about going to the bar or some Halloween-themed party and getting blitzed. I’m talking about getting into the Halloween spirit, so to speak.

Trust me, you won’t be alone in dressing up. UNH students are among the best in the country at getting into the spirit of holidays. It could be argued that this comes as the result of the fact that we’re in rural New Hampshire, but I’d prefer to think it’s because we’re just a fun student body overall.

For those new to Durham, Halloween isn’t just Oct. 31 at UNH—it’s the entire weekend. That’s three different costume possibilities! If you’re into Halloween, it really doesn’t get much better than that.

As 21-year-old Wildcats know (or should know), Thursday and Saturday nights at the bars in Durham are filled with students in costume.

There are a number of ways to enjoy Halloween that don’t include alcohol or partying, too. If you and your friends aren’t big party or bar-goers, buy a bunch of candy and watch Halloween movies on Netflix. There is absolutely no shame in doing that. 

The point is, taking a break to participate in something admittedly silly can be very healthy for the mind.

Navigating your way through a college semester isn’t easy and takes a lot of effort. It’s also physically and mentally exhausting.

So grab a pumpkin, pick up some apple cider and a three-pound bag of candy. Get dressed up and act like a kid for at least one night this weekend. Your mind will thank you. Happy Halloweekend, Wildcats.

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