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Why philanthropic events positively contribute to the UNH student body’s collective identity.

Once again, students at UNH displayed a high regard for philanthropy and bettering the local community as many took part in “Wildcats Give Back Wednesday.” The event was organized by the Campus Activity Board (CAB) and held on Sept. 30 as a part of the group’s spirit week. The purpose of the event was to collect donations for the Cornucopia Food Pantry at the Waysmeet Center on Mill Pond Road in Durham.

CAB’s decision to feature a philanthropic event during spirit week is incredibly laudable. Homecoming has a stigma of being nothing more than a time for students and alumni to consume copious amounts of alcohol while simultaneously trashing Boulder field. Although a significant amount of partying does take place, that doesn’t necessarily represent the true goal of homecoming, which is to create a strong sense of community. Events like this do exactly that.

Ironically, it’s possible to feel isolated despite being surrounded by thousands of others every day. Students at UNH have a substantial amount of varying interests. Though some are similar, many are starkly contrasted. Academically, we are studying at a university that comprises students studying hundreds of different topics in different colleges. While some are working on lab reports in Kingsbury, others are drafting essays on classical literature, finding an application for theoretical economic principles and working in a nursing home as a part of clinical. Outside of academia, students claim membership in over 300 organizations, compete on varsity and club athletic teams and participate in youth-mentor programs.

Despite these differences, we have proven through events like “Wildcats Give Back Wednesday” that our student body does collectively value one thing: philanthropy. And this is nothing new. UNH students participate in philanthropic events frequently throughout the year, including End 68 Hours of Hunger, Relay for Life and UNH Dance Marathon to name a few.  It is through these types of events that UNH’s student body gets its identity. We are students who care about others in the local community. Regardless of academic pursuits, tastes in music, allegiance to sports teams, or membership in a fraternity or sorority, the incredible amount of effort students put forth in serving the community allows us to feel that, as a group, we are a student body interested in helping the less fortunate and contributing to the betterment of others. 

As a staff, The New Hampshire applauds CAB for hosting the event and students for participating in the event. We are hopeful that the event will be back next year and that even more students participate. “Wildcats Give Back Wednesday” contributed to our strong philanthropic identity as a student body, and served as yet another reminder to those skeptical that UNH students are far are more than party-animals waiting for the next drinking holiday to come around. Keep it up, Wildcats.

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