The Groovy Witch Hosts Dover’s First Witches’ Market


Cameron Whitney, Contributing Writer

DOVER– Around Halloween, some become Witches for just one day, but others practice Witchcraft year-round. On Saturday, October 29, Dover’s first Witches’ Market will host Mediums, Tarot Readers, Reiki Practitioners, Oracle Readers and a variety of other vendors at Dover City Hall Auditorium.

The market will take place from 12:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. In the evening, from 8-10 p.m., a Witches’ Ball will commence, presenting the opportunity for people 18 and over to dress in their best Witch costumes. 

The Groovy Witch, a boutique located in Downtown Dover, organized these two events in hopes of bringing together the community and local small business owners. The owner, Jaime Szopa was the lead coordinator but said she had a lot of help from her Groovy Witch team.

“I say, ‘We should host a Witches’ Ball’ to Jaime and the next day she’s rented the ballroom at City Hall and added the market. She’s unstoppable that way, and I quite admire her drive,” said Ally Mulligan, organizer of the event and tarot reader at the Groovy Witch.

Mulligan commented on how the last two years have been the most uncertain that we have experienced in her lifetime. 

“We’re hoping that a little elegance and some witchy fun will be a balm for the community.”

The Witches’ Ball excitement includes a special guest appearance from New England Drag Queen Bianca York, a live belly dance show from Zabelle and the Zabellies and the music of DJ Victoria. Prizes will be rewarded throughout the night and the best, most uniquely dressed Witch costume will win a $100 prize. 

This Witches’ Market is free and brings together spiritual practitioners and local artisans, allowing them to share their art and services with the Dover community. Szopa said attendees can expect to find a variety of art, jewelry, herbs, home decor, furniture and even handmade Viking clothing. 

“Having been to many Witches’ Markets before, I know first-hand how fun, interesting, unique and exciting Witches’ Markets can be,” said Szopa. “It’s also a great way to promote shopping small by supporting local artisans and businesses.”

The events are both located about six miles from the University of New Hampshire (UNH) campus. Wildcat transit’s route three bus travels to Dover and runs on Saturdays during the allotted time for the market.

“I think this event is attractive to me as a UNH student because it’s close to campus but also a great excuse to explore the area,” said Julia Gester, a UNH student planning to attend the market. “I also think it’s in such a great time of year because even if you’re not interested in Witchcraft all times of year it’s an awesome Halloween activity.”

Another UNH student, Bella Tabellione, who also intends to attend the market, said, “I strongly encourage other people to attend, especially other Witches. It can be a really cool way to meet new people with similar interests and support their business. I think even if you aren’t into Witchcraft you should attend because you can learn about something new and see a lot of unique items.”