A Court of Drag Kings and Queens


Emma Kostyun

Let’s set the scene. It is the night of Mar. 4 and in the Granite State Room gathers roughly 200 students that are eager to enjoy a night full of drag performances and complimentary food. The night was put on for the public by UNH Alliance, after missing last year due to the pandemic, so they were very excited for their big comeback.    


Garrett King, secretary for UNH Alliance, said there were fewer attendees than expected, but “in the end, we still had fun.” Despite this, the room was still packed with cheers, claps, hoots, and hollers.   


To kick off the night, there was a list of performers on each table and props for a Wild, Wild West photo booth. The lineup included Trisha LeFaye, Raya Sunshine, Lady Ro, Bianca York, Carlos the Uber Driver and the Drag King himself, Mike Hawk.   


The night was hosted by Bryson Badeau, a senior secondary theater education major. Badeau introduced all the acts and even interviewed them on stage afterwards.  


“It was great working with them. They were all great!” Badeau stated.   


Keeping with the Wild, Wild West theme, the performances included songs like “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy),” “9 to 5,” “Before He Cheats” and many more classics. The drag kings and queens used every inch of the stage and still made time to go into the audience to flip, death drop, split and even give out lap dances.  


Mike Hawk, the one and only drag king of the night is an alumnus of UNH from the class of 2010 and was very excited to see the event as his alma mater.  


It’s awesome seeing so many people come out for the show and to see some queer art!” said Hawk.   


Hawk also said Covid was devastating for the drag community. 


“Editing digital videos on your couch has nothing on the rush of performing for a crowd. I love being back on stage and able to interact in person. When I perform, I’m there to entertain, but also to be publicly and flamboyantly queer and transmasculine. Nothing beats the in-person energy of a room that is there to celebrate queer art and identity,” he said. 


Hawk said it best. The audience was loudly supporting and celebrating the queer community. First-year computer science major Lou Van Rees said while laughing, “This is amazing! I’m loving all the queer energy!”   


UNH Alliance has not chosen next year’s theme but cannot wait for 2023’s Drag Ball here at UNH.  


Photo courtesy of Bryson Badeau.