UNH SCOPE presents Alex Cooper of “Call Her Daddy”


Evan Edmonds

University of New Hampshire (UNH) Student Committee on Popular Entertainment (SCOPE) welcomed Alex Cooper, host of Barstool podcast “Call Her Daddy,” in an online Q&A event Tuesday night.

Cooper’s podcast is conversational and comedic, allowing the loyal audience – the “Daddy Gang” – to enjoy personal conversations about sex, relationships, social lives and more. Over 700 attendees logged into webinar and tuned in to an entertaining conversation with Cooper and SCOPE’s Executive Director Maggie Kosalek and Publicity Director Sarah Greenwald. They spoke about some behind the scenes of the podcast, Cooper’s transition from college into the professional world and of course, the “father” bestowed some relationship advice upon the Daddy Gang. Cooper has never been to Durham, but said she wished she had when she was at Boston University. “What’s up there in UNH?” – she answered herself – “drinking and having fun!”

The Alex Cooper event is the fourth online webinar this year organized by SCOPE as an alternative to the typical concerts that the group has put on in pre-COVID-19 times. Both Kosalek and Greenwald said they were happy to welcome the first female to SCOPE’s events, following guests David Dobrik, Nick Kroll and Pete Davidson.

According to Kosalek, the response to the online SCOPE events has been great. “Students seem to like having something instead of nothing. SCOPE is fortunate enough to have the budget to put these shows on for students in a time where it is difficult for many orgs to do things that get students involved in such a high capacity,” she said.

These events have been an opportunity to cater to students interested in other entertainment sectors, Kosalek said. She also mentioned that they haven’t had the production, security or hospitality costs that come with live shows, so it’s been a different process this year.

Cooper commented on being an icon for normalizing female sexuality in the public eye, attributing it to her mother’s support and openness and emphasized the importance of being open with yourself as well. Cooper’s mom listens to all of her podcasts before they’re released and gives her feedback.

She also gave her stance on modern feminism, sharing that she supports women being treated equally to men, but that the current model of feminism is archaic in the sense that it’s men versus women: “it isn’t what it used to be and it needs to be more inclusive,” Cooper said.

The guests on “Call Her Daddy,” are all picked by Cooper. She said having Miley Cyrus on was a highlight for her as a Cyrus fan herself. Recently, “Call Her Daddy” episodes featured sports media personality and former porn star Mia Khalifa and model and television personality and former Playboy Bunny Holly Madison. Cooper said she’s learned a lot from all of her interviews and relating to all the different perspectives.

Cooper said the Khalifa podcast and getting to know her was “one of the best experiences,” because she was able to get to know Khalifa prior to recording and heard a lot about what she’s gone through in her prior occupation. “To then hear how a contract so negatively affected her life and when she was so young she was basically coerced into signing,” Cooper said, “and then I meet Holly Madison a week later and she’s saying the same thing in just a little bit of a different aspect.”

Being a woman that transitioned into the business world, Cooper said hearing their negative experiences with contracts made her want to help educate people more about the risks of signing into unfavorable situations: “I’ve been there, now these women I’m talking to have been there – it was just really eye-opening,” Cooper said.

She spoke more about her experience getting into podcasting – explaining how a professor doubted her and told her no one would take her seriously. Cooper told the audience not to listen to those who say you can’t make it and offered professional advice for those who

want to make it in the creative world. She encouraged people to take initiative, apply themselves and show potential employers what they can do to make themselves stand out.

Cooper shared her insights and pieces of advice to the UNH Daddy Gang about college relationships. Here were some of the most notable pieces of advice that Cooper shared:

● If a guy really does like you, he’ll let you know. If he wants you, he’ll make the effort!

● If someone cheats, they didn’t respect you enough. Leave! “You deserve better,” Cooper said.

● Long distance “can be fun,” if you can handle separation like Cooper, but if you’re stressing over it, especially in college, don’t force it.

● Even in a super supportive relationship like the one she’s in now, Cooper is still “playing games,” as the Daddy Gang knows her for.

Cooper concluded the event to work on her latest “Call Her Daddy” episode, focusing on some “TikTok tea,” and thanked the UNH Daddy Gang, encouraging fans to keep direct messaging, as she reads a lot of them when she can.

Kosalek chosenot to comment when asked about any more potential SCOPE events before the end of the semester, but said SCOPE is hopeful for in-person events next semester if UNH is able to transition into green mode.

Photo courtesy of UNH SCOPE.