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Durham holds Zero Waste Conference, encourages the initiative

Bret Belden November 14, 2016

The third annual Students for Zero Waste Conference was held in Durham this past weekend, with Keynote Speaker Lisa Bjerke hosting a talk in the Memorial Union Building’s (MUB) Granite State Room (GSR)...

Farewell Column: A collision with journalism

Bret Belden April 14, 2016

You should probably write for the paper,” my dad tells me as we drive home from UNH. It’s the drive home from the spring semester of my junior year. I have only just declared journalism after several...

UNH organization shows film to promote eating organic

Bret Belden April 7, 2016

On Tuesday April 5, the film “In Search of Balance,” was screened in the MUB. Slow Food UNH, a student organization that, according to its website, “seeks to preserve and revitalize food culture...

Experts say calorie counting is potentially harmful

Bret Belden April 4, 2016

Most people think of calories as a way to gauge how healthy a food item is. Whether you are dieting or just trying to eat healthier, calories are what most people look to when deciding on which foods...

Hamilton Smith face-lift

Bret Belden March 24, 2016

Progress on the Hamilton Smith (Ham Smith) expansion has been moving quickly because of this year’s mild winter, according to Richard Rouleau, facilities project manager II. The foundation is complete...

Panel discusses disability issues

Bret Belden March 21, 2016

The Commission on the Status of People with Disabilities and Disability Services for Students  believes that engaging the student body in discussion about students with disabilities can be a beneficial...

Student welcome the Lunar New Year

Bret Belden March 20, 2016

Dragons, Yo-Yos, swords and massive drums took over the Granite State Room at the MUB on Saturday night for the seventh annual Lunar New Year Celebration. The event was a collaboration put on by the United...

Campus reacts to Democratic Debate

Bret Belden March 20, 2016

By Ethan Hogan and Lia Windt STAFF WRITERS Only around 100 students were selected from a raffle of thousands of applicants to attend the Democratic debate last Thursday at UNH. However, that did not stop...

HoCo unveils newly constructed dining area

Bret Belden February 1, 2016

HoCo’s expansion cost 10.5 million dollars, took over 8 months and was the first step in a larger scale dining program at UNH according to Jon Plodzik, director of dining halls operations. The renovations...

A UNH collaboration bring awareness to World AIDS Day

December 9, 2015

By Ethan Hogan Contributing Writer On Oct. 11, 1987 during the Second National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights, a massive collection of panels were made to honor those lost to HIV and...

Delta Xi Phi sponsors multicultural game night

December 8, 2015

By Ethan Hogan Contributing Writer It’s not everyday you get to play Jeopardy with your friends on a big projection screen at the MUB, and it’s not everyday that you can address diversity on campus. Delta...

Delta Xi Phi organizes ‘Bake Off’ in Strafford room

December 1, 2015

By Ethan Hogan CONTRIBUTING WRITER Lena Giguere of Delta Xi Phi organized a Bake Off at the MUB Strafford room on Tuesday night. “Fifty percent of the proceeds from the event will go to the American...

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