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Laughs for LeClerc as MUB Comedy Club goes for round two

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The MUB Comedy Club offered up a second serving of laughs and relatability in its ongoing series on Saturday, Oct. 6, as comedian Andre LeClerc entertained audience members in the MUB Entertainment Center at 9 p.m. 
In the hour-and-a-half long presentation, the comedian, who has been performing for eight years, tackled his own life’s challenges and the stressful realities of the typical college comedy career. LeClerc started out by stating “comedy sucks, man,” complaining that he has hosted shows so bad that he was “calling the Uber from the stage.” Nevertheless, he was quick to call his profession “a fun job.”  
One of LeClerc’s more awkward moments came as he was taking a swimming class at a beach, where he was “tired of drowning” and felt that if “I can learn how to navigate this thing that covers 77 percent of the planet, I’m probably alright.” Although he was taunted by his younger classmates – “you’re a grown-ass man…in a swimming class!” – he was rescued by a 12-year-old girl named Hannah who at one point dragged him back to the safety of land all while making casual conversation with an embarrassed LeClerc. 
He has also found himself at odds with other societal norms, such as how he is so “unfortunately tall” at six and-a-half feet that he is “six inches taller than the top of public bathroom stalls…it’s not all b**ches and basketballs, okay?” 
Dating was another source of comic tension in Saturday’s show, as LeClerc described meeting girls out of his league and trying to comprehend why girls ask “open-book” questions like “Are you a boobs or a butts guy?” and what their favorite superhero character is. When in an argument with his date surrounding the latter, his answer was simple.  
“It’s Hannah! She can talk and swim at the same time; who else can do that?” he implored the audience. 

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Senior Humanities major and student opener Rachael Moss entertains attendees at the MUB Entertainment Center on Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018 (Benjamin Strawbridge/TNH Staff).

From time to time, race also sneaked itself into the jokes. For instance, LeClerc proposed adding more races to the mix such as a blue-colored race.  According to LeClerc’s hilarious logic, white people “don’t want to see” race and would rather uncover the mysteries of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. 
Opening for LeClerc was senior humanities major Rachael Moss, whose Saturday performance marks her second stint as student opener for a guest comedian. 
“He’s a really, really great, humble and funny guy, so it was an honor to open for him,” Moss said, who also expressed her gratitude for being selected as student opener and hopes that “it will help me continue to grow a base of people who come to see these things and also sort of help to raise awareness about the comedy scene at UNH as it continues to grow.” 
LeClerc, who recently made his television premiere on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” said that despite the glamor of larger venues, he still enjoys the college circuit. It’s the unpredictability of comedy itself, combined with greater chances for more direct audience participation, that makes college shows all the more special for him.    
“If I’m being honest with you guys, every show is very different,” LeClerc said. “But…when you do the really, really big clubs and really big shows, you can’t do crowd-work like this. The fact that I get to…talk to you guys, that really does make the experience feel better. It’s just a different experience when it’s interactive like this.” 

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