TNH Fashions: West Coast Hipster

Bret Belden

First off, I am NOT a hipster. I didn’t choose the label, and frankly I don’t get it. Maybe it’s because I had a petite handlebar mustache (A curly mustache for the non-mustache enthusiasts) for most of 2016, or because I have a tattoo of a Douglas fir tree. Maybe it’s because I’m from Portland, Oregon. On second thought, I guess I can see reasons for the label. However, it is not true! In the Pacific Northwest, most people dress like this every day. I’m simply a product of my environment. I developed a sense of style just like everyone else, and the more I have aged, the more I wear “hipster” clothing.

I’m not a hipster, I’m just a person that forms his style based upon his surroundings. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I learned to dress like the hipsters of Portland. Now I’m just hoping that the Northeast can teach me how to dress for the winter; I was not ready for my first ever negative temperatures.

Nick Johnson

Multimedia Editor