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TNH Fashions: Effortlessly Earthy

If I was being completely honest, I might have titled my   personal style “This is my Roomate’s Sweater.” As a rule, I find myself to be a winning combination of broke and lazy, so shopping is not my strong suit. Don’t get me wrong, I can browse the Urban Outfitter’s online sale section like nobody’s business, but actually going to a store and trying things on is a major chore. Seriously, have you ever gone and tried on jeans? That’s an emotional roller coaster I can ride maybe once a year, and that’s not even considering the price tag.

Fortunately for me, I have a few friends with serious shopping habits, and a fashionable mother to boot, so I do most of my shopping in other people’s closets. My favorite finds are drapey cardigans, comfy flannels and anything in warm, earthy colors. I’m all about layers, so keeping most of my wardrobe in a similar color scheme helps make it seem like I’ve planned every outfit, even when I just grab the first clean t-shirt and sweater I see (aka, most days). Believe it or not, I actually personally purchased almost every article of clothing photographed here, minus the sweater which was a clutch find in a bag of my roommate’s old clothes, but rest assured, most days the bulk of my outfit used to belong to someone else.

Abigael Sleeper

Arts Editor

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