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Shaming from a distance

Humans of UNH’s Facebook page did an interview with student body presidential
candidate Chris Mignanelli in which he shared, among other things, his reason for running for the postition. Chris’s platform hinges primarily on how ineffective student government has been and what he would do to change it. Now, it is perfectly acceptable to be engaged and disagree; in fact, it is required of good governance. But what Chris is saying frustrates me to no end because in the past three years that I have been involved in student government, he has been noticeably absent. 

Chris has never been a part of student government, he has no idea about its inner workings, or any of its attempts to more effectively communicate with the student body, but he somehow knows what works and what doesn’t. This tired outsider approach will not solve the very real issues facing student government. 

I don’t appreciate Chris degrading all of the hard work put in by student government. I’ve witnessed student leaders sacrifice time from their social, academic, and work commitments so that they can better this university. I’ve seen them sacrifice their mental and physical health so that they can see this campus have a brighter future. 

It’s very easy for people like Chris to shame us from a distance, but much harder to work with us on the front lines. I only wish Chris shared his criticisms and concerns throughout his time at UNH and not just when it’s politically expedient for him.

Danny O’Leary

Former Student Activity Fee
Committee Chief Financial Officer

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