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BSU hosts auditions for 10th annual fashion show

Music, supportive cheers and applause filled the room as UNH students showed judges their best catwalk in hopes of getting into the Black Student Union’s (BSU) 10th annual fashion show. On both Tuesday and Wednesday night, try outs were being held in the Memorial Union Building’s (MUB) Theater II. Both nights featured an equal amount of students who tried out. Upon arrival, students looked to see what groups they were in, based on the roster taped onto the entrance door.

Once everyone got settled in, Danique Montique, program coordinator for BSU, informed everyone on how the try-outs were going to happen.

Anita Kotowicz/Staff UNH freshman Emely Cepeda presents her best catwalk.

First, students were told to walk from one place marker on the floor to another, then back, all while showcasing to the judges, and the crowd, their best catwalk. Upon finishing the walk, students went to the Office of Multicultural Affair (OMSA) located on the same floor to have their measurements taken. Lastly, students had their pictures taken for future use by the show’s fashion designer.

As students took turns impressing the three judges, encouragement never left the room. It almost felt as if it wasn’t a tryout, but the actual show itself. Each group walked down the “catwalk” to a different song from a playlist the BSU executive board created on Spotify. Artists in the playlist included Drake, Rihanna, Fergie and Beyonce, just to name a few.

“We’re looking for individuals who have enthusiasm and a good catwalk,” BSU secretary, Sherma Desire, said, who was also in charge of playing the evening’s music.

“It’s important that we have someone who can walk with confidence while focusing on their walk instead of getting distracted by the crowd’s applause,” said Josefina Ondo-Baca, one of the judges.

A variety of individuals tried out on Tuesday night, not just black students. One of the things that BSU focuses on is creating an inclusive environment while raising awareness for black students on campus.

“We’d like more men to try out, as we are aiming for not only a diverse but equal group,” Ondo-Baca said, commenting on the fact that mostly female individuals auditioned for the show.

The BSU Executive Board plans on having the final list of models for the show by their next executive meeting on Monday, March 20.  After that, it will only be a few short weeks until the actual show in late April. Students can find out more about BSU by checking their Wildcat Link page.

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