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Stop and go: Sketched Out hosts Valentine’s show

In their last performance of the fall semester, Sketched Out hosted a comedy show that was used as a fundraiser for suicide prevention programs and raised over $200 in the process. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the comedy troupe kicked off the spring semester on Wednesday, Feb. 8 with Sketched Out Presents: Table for One; the theme of the show was red light, green light.

People sat in the Memorial Union Building  (MUB) Entertainment center, wearing either green (meaning you’re single), yellow (meaning it’s complicated), red (meaning you’re taken), or a mixture of all three (which I guess means you are undecided at this time).

This show was very entertaining (but sadly didn’t help me find my green-shirted valentine). My sorrows aside, I went in there not really knowing what to expect, as I had never been to one of these shows and neither had my friends. The show consisted of five different skits. I am not entirely sure if I can quote exactly what was being said, but the jokes were definitely cringe worthy, and got both scowls and laughs.

The first skit featured Hermon, a bully that identified as a feminist and had no hesitation toward hitting anyone.

christopher edwards/contributing
Members of Sketched Out on stage during their Valentine’s -themed show, “Table for One.” Audience members were invited to attend the show in “stoplight” apparel: green to symbolize being single, red for taken and yellow if it’s complicated.

The second skit was about a couple going on a fancy date to Olive Garden. Later in the skit, the couple was attacked by Spaghetti Joe; a waiter at the restaurant eventually shot him down. Afterward, the man asked the girl to marry him and she replied yes.

The third skit was about a questionably named car that slept with the former owner’s wife.

The fourth skit was interesting and included Danny DeVito being suggestive with Bill Clinton while discussing actions taken at the former president’s desk (I’ll end that description there).

The last skit was about a defiant teenage girl who wanted to go to school instead of act. Sheand her mother went through a whole episode, to which the girl storms out on her way to her first day of school. While walking to the school, she encounters an Italian male trying to convince her to get in his fiat and two annoying individuals to which she wishes death upon. When she gets home, her mother announces that she is divorcing her dad and has found a new boyfriend who just so happened to be the Italian male she met on her way to school. Again, there was much more going on here but I’ll leave that to the imagination.

Sketched out comedy’s next show will be Wednesday, March 1. You can find out more about that event on (Event details are currently not posted yet, but keep an eye out!) Interested in joining? Sketched Out Comedy Troupe has already had auditions for this semester, but they routinely have auditions every semester within the first two weeks(this information is also on wildcatlink). Laugh on, Wildcats!

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