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Review: Netflix Original ‘True Memoirs of an International Assassin’

The undeniable comic genius of actor Kevin James is once again explored through the Netflix Original comedic-thriller film, “True Memoirs of an International Assassin.” He’s accompanied by the fantastic and intimidating performance of Zulay Henao, whose character is technically the sidekick of the film, though honestly, the more physically and mentally apt of the two. 

Screenwriter Jeff Morris and director Jeff Wadlow certainly know how to make a film both hilarious and suspenseful. With fear and hilarity at every turn, this film will take you on an unforgettable journey through the busy streets of Caracas, Venezuela. Some might say that James’ character’s knowledge of self-defense and gun use is a bit contrived, as many writers don’t do such physical research. However, the fact that his training is shown before he is abducted to Venezuela does make this fact more consistent and therefore believable.

Strangely enough, despite Henao’s key role in the film, she is not listed on IMDB as one of the main three actors of the film. Besides James, the other two listed are Kim Coates, who plays the Venezuelan president, and Maurice Compte, who portrays freedom fighter Juan. Although the president has only a few scenes in the film, Compte does deserve the title as one of the main characters of the film. In the beginning of the film, it seems as though Compte’s character is just another lackey, but throughout the course of the movie his role develops, making him one of the major players in the story.

There are many other well-known actors who play a part in “True Memoirs,” but possibly the most notable and arguably the most significant is Ron Rifkin. He may seem like just a side character as the best friend and mentor to James, but in reality his role is much more important and invested in this particular story than others. This became clear early on in the film and was hinted at throughout the film, but was only truly revealed toward the end, which is why I won’t state exactly what his role is, for those of you who plan to watch the film.

Unexpectedly poignant and brilliant, this film is definitely worth watching. I don’t mean the in-the-background-while-you’re-doing-homework way, but in a full sit-down-on-the-couch-with-popcorn-and-family kind of viewing. Don’t let the face of the famous romantic comedy star on the poster fool you – this film has very little to do with romance, and everything to do with action-packed awesome.

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