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Letters to the Editor

‘America does not need another black mark upon its flag’

As a former Republican, I am frightened by what I hear coming from Donald Trump and the GOP. I have switched to being an independent because I cannot condone Trump’s rhetoric and everything that he stands for. But not supporting Trump goes beyond voting; it also means we hold Trump and the GOP accountable. That’s why I chose to partake in the occupation of a GOP office last week in Concord, New Hampshire. The experience of occupying a space with the intent of sending a political message through peaceful methods, was exhilarating and scary at the same time. I had never done something like that before and I had no idea what to expect, however I knew I was fed up with the way the political agenda was playing out and I needed to play some part in preventing Trump from becoming President of the United States. His rhetoric is clear and it does not favor women, people of color, the LGBTQ community or about any other marginalized groups. If Trump became president and I did not try in some way to prevent that from becoming reality, then I would not be able to look myself in the mirror or even into my children’s faces later on without some pain of guilt. His legacy would leave a mark on this great country that has yet to achieve its full potential due to the hatred and greed that still divides us. America does not need another black mark upon its flag. America needs to start moving forward into a more equal and free future. Even though what we did on Friday was small, with the help of social media, our message was heard and was a part of a greater movement that I felt proud about being a part of. The best part of the occupation on Friday was that it was done through music, which is one of the most innocent forms of expression, and it was incredibly powerful. I believe the world needs more music. Trump throughout the election season has spouted out hate, yet through the power of music, the younger generations can tune out the hate with love and create a brighter, more inclusive future for everyone.

-Cate Svedsen

UNH senior

‘Voting for honesty’

To the Editor,

I urge your readers to vote for Carol Shea-Porter for Congress. Shea-Porter has spent her professional life serving others, and first ran for office “for the rest of us,” to keep us a land of opportunity and fairness.  She sees that so many of our problems are rooted in big money in politics—and understands the importance of getting it out. She has never accepted corporate PAC money or taken money from DC lobbyists.  In Congress, she co-sponsored the DISCLOSE Act, which requires donors to reveal themselves and which bans foreign-controlled corporations from funding US elections. [Shea-Porter] also co-sponsored the Fair Elections Now Act, which would enact public financing of elections for those candidates who can gather enough voter support, countering the influence of corporate special interests and the wealthy, so all have an equal voice.

[Shea-Porter] stands in sharp contrast to the shameless Congressman Frank Guinta, whom the Union Leader called a “damned liar” for having lied to us for five years, claiming not to have been under investigation by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and to have been “100 percent cleared.” In fact, he was being investigated all along, and the FEC found him guilty in 2015 of taking $355,000 illegally from his parents, fined him $15,000, and made him pay it all back.  Guinta’s dishonesty is breathtaking. 

Please join me in voting for honesty—Shea-Porter for Congress, for whom public office is a public trust.  She has never disappointed us.

– Dudley Dudley

Durham resident

Talking Climate Change

Climate change is the most pressing issue that will be decided by voters on Nov. 8. While largely ignored during this election season, this highly politicized issue requires immediate action if the people of our planet are to prevent future warming of 2 degrees Celsisus (3.8 degrees Farenheit) above pre-industrial levels, the key goal of the Paris Climate Agreement. As a climate scientist I can tell you that climate change is real, caused by humans, and that the planet has already warmed nearly 1 degree Celsius over the past century.

Most Republican candidates hold the view that climate change is either a hoax or a natural phenomenon. Democratic candidates accept climate science and support clear actions that will continue President Obama’s major climate initiatives (higher mileage standards, the Clean Power Plan, signing the Paris Agreement, among others).

This election will decide whether the United States will continue to aggressively address climate change or choose to ignore it. The future is in your hands. Climate change is on the ballot. Your vote will help determine the future of our planet. Please vote wisely and remember that the actions of our elected officials—at local, state and federal levels—will determine our future.

-Barry Rock

Professor Emeritus

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