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TNH staff members tell tales of paranormal encounters

By Colleen Irvine

I actually grew up in an alleged haunted house. Before I was born, my parents bought my childhood home as a steal from a real estate agent whose aunts once lived there. Turns out, they had both passed away on the premises. When they first moved in, my parents found old documents inside the walls and artifacts left over from the previous owners. Apparently, they would always hear footsteps running around and lights would turn off without explanation.

One night, my mom woke up to the sound of someone running downstairs, followed by our front door slamming shut. When they got up to check, my parents found the door dead bolted from the inside. As if that wasn’t creepy enough, inside one of the walls they found a picture of the old woman who lived there before. After they took it out, all the running stopped. My mom said they still felt a presence though, and heard voices talking to us over the baby monitor during nap time. I guess you could say I was partially raised by ghosts! This is the picture found inside the wall…

By Carlos Martens

carlos-spooky-pic-copyI made sure to bring my camera while investigating the Three Chimneys Inn for The New Hampshire (TNH). I snapped a photo of the portrait of Hannah, the most restless Three Chimneys Inn ghost, which hangs at the top of a staircase. Later, I went to the computer lab to upload the photos from the SD card to my hard drive, and then completely erased the imported photos from the SD card, as I always do. I went home that evening and turned my camera on, only to find that a single photo of Hannah still remained in the camera…

Did I coincidently forget to erase one photo out of dozens? This, a photo that just so happens to be of the Three Chimneys Inn’s most prominent ghost? Or did I inadvertently capture a malevolent spirit with a disdain toward electronics, who will now haunt me to punish my use of tech within her domain?


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