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Resume website by UNH student gains peers’ and investors’ interests

With social media becoming an increasingly more prominent aspect of every-day life, it is important for students and job seekers especially to be careful about how they use their online accounts. Students may easily forget that employers can access social media accounts, and it is therefore vital that young people protect their reputations online.
“We realized a lot of our friends weren’t getting hired due to their online presence,” UNH sophomore business administration major Brendan Murphy said. That’s why Murphy and his business partner, Keene State College student Greg Hemmer, developed Resumysite.
Resumysite is a website that allows students to easily create their own websites that include biographies, resumes and whatever else they wish to display for possible future employers.
According to Murphy, Resumysite is a platform for young professionals to develop professional online presences, making themselves more desirable prospects for hire.  Murphy said that Resumysite is expected to launch in 2017, but has been in the works since last spring semester 2016.
Murphy said that they are still looking for business investors. “We’ve had multiple offers. We’re just looking for the right one for our business,” Murphy said.

Courtesy photo Brendan Murphy (pictured above) is one of the co-founders of Resumysite.
Courtesy photo
Brendan Murphy (pictured above) is one of the co-founders of Resumysite.

Murphy explained that Resumysite is different from sites like LinkedIn because it is not a social network. According to Murphy, his company has done extensive research and contacted managers of other companies, who have reported that they prefer a non-social platform, which is Resumysite’s vision.
The young entrepreneurs have reached out to 10,000 people and have had 1,500 official sign-ups since the launch of their webpage. Since the platform is not fully developed and they are still seeking investors, the cost of using Resumysite has not been determined, but Murphy shared that it will most likely not cost users any money.
“We’re trying to help everyone and show them that their online presence does matter,” Murphy said.
According to Murphy, people around campus have started to take notice. “The past weeks have made me realize how much support Resumysite and myself have in our community and abroad,” Murphy said.
Murphy and Hemmer also have their own speaker series titled “What does Google say about you?” Murphy said that he is currently waiting to hear back from the university as to whether or not he will be hosting a talk on campus.
“Digital footprint” is a term that Murphy talks about during his speaker series, and also is why Resumysite was created.
The presentation is 20 minutes long with a brief Q&A session at the end. Twenty campuses around New England have already booked Murphy, according to the webpage. The goal of the speaker series is to inform college students of their digital footprint, which is the reputation they maintain online. Another goal is to teach students ways to make themselves more desirable online in a competitive job market.
“Each and every day grants an opportunity to learn something new and overcome new obstacles,” Murphy said. “It’s surreal to wake up and go to class with your peers and feel as if you are making a difference in their lives as developing young professionals.”
“We are on a mission to help young professionals earn the opportunities their student loans and hard work merit and everyone’s support puts us one step closer to achieving our dream,” Murphy said.

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