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Hospitality management students host brunch to end gourmet dining series

shared appetizer

Sweet Potato Fritter Benedict

Students in the Advanced Food and Beverage Management class of The Peter T. Paul College of Business Economics’ (Paul College) Hospitality Management Program, provided a fin
e dining brunch on Sunday, April 17 that was filled with both vibrant colors and empowering tastes. The brunch was the closing meal of this spring’s gourmet dining series, which also featured two dinners on the previous nights. The brunch provided visitors with live piano music, a cocktail lounge and elegant multi-cultured cuisine.


A headwaiter and beverage waiter served every table, and when serving appetizers or entrees, the headwaiter would nod to the rest of the waitstaff to synchronize when the food was placed on the table. The Sunday brunch menu offered a shared appetizer, a choice of soup or salad, three entrees and two desserts.

Honey Soaked Sponge Cake

The event brought in professors, students, parents and various individuals from the community. Sandra McGonagle, district governor of Rotary International District 770,  attended the event with her husband, John McGonagle.

“They all look so serious when they come [to serve the food],” John said.. “Relax, it’s just a brunch.”

The wait staff always said “excuse me” before clearing a plate, speaking to the table or offering more water, which was served in wine bottle-shaped glasses to allow it to be chilled without the inclusion of ice.

Throughout the courses, the McGonagles observed that there was not any salt or pepper on the table.

“Make a note that the eggs are much better with a little bit of salt and pepper,” John said.

UNH senior Kathleen Le, a student of the Hospitality Management Program, wore a black skirt with a shirt that was printed with the word “Brunch” for the occasion of the event.

“Most people don’t realize they need [salt and pepper] if it’s not there,” said Lee. “The people that actually need it are the ones that notice.”

The guests of the event were called by reservation name and time. The names were called over speaker in the cocktail lounge to be directed by the hostess. Above every table in the lounge were three hanging lights inside white hollowed out fabric balls.

The food was prepared in room G89 of Paul College. The lecture hall opened up to an industrial-sized kitchen facing the rows of seats. The production of the food was led by Ron Boucher, a Hospitality Management Program faculty lecturer and certified executive chef.

“Our goal is to keep full flavor with lots of color and to give it an appealing presentation,” said Boucher.

The event was themed to incorporate Spanish-Californian tastes with the intention of not being spicy. “We wanted to make sure they’re not intense flavors, but vibrant flavors,” said Boucher. 

The event was completely run by students. According to Le, the program treats the event as a way for students to showcase their knowledge in a way that can be comparable to a final test for the course. 

 First-year hospitality majors, such as Bianca Ketenci, were also involved in the event and even held headwaiter positions.

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