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‘What Do You Mean’ there’s too much Bieber at UNH?

By Fatimah Nouilati

Contibuting Writter

It has been apparent on the UNH campus that it is no longer just screaming teen girls that are head over heels for the 21-year-old pop star Justin Bieber.

Whether it’s walking through Union Court, on Main Street or through the Gables Apartment Complex, you can hear songs from Bieber’s new album Purpose playing from students’ speakers and laptops everywhere.

Starting in September, the artist began to create countdowns until the drop of a few singles from the album, which created excitement. You could hear female UNH students talking about how many days were left till singles such as “What Do You Mean?” and “Sorry” dropped.

As Bieber’s songs rapidly moved up on the charts, they spread just as rapidly throughout campus as well.

Being the dream boy in many girls’ minds, Bieber has never been a huge hit to most guys. But the new album has changed that forever. His songs have taken over the speakers in boys’ apartments and in their locker rooms too.

Sophomore Matthew Torrey is a tight end on the UNH football team.

“We actually have warm ups to the song Sorry almost every day,” he said, “and that was not ever expected.”

Along with Torrey, other male students explain how the upbeat tempo in the songs makes it good for a fun time for whomever.

What is it about the new Bieber that is making everyone love him?

Jordan Singer, a UNH sophomore explaind, “His songs aren’t all lovey-dovey like the old ones and he doesn’t sound as feminine. I know my guy friends would still not accept if I put on one of his old songs at a party but everyone enjoys the new ones.”

The pop artist has moved  from songs strictly about less mature dating aspects on to singing about situations an older audience can connect to as well as his teenage fans.

The album features other artists that could be contributing to the increasing audience. Famous DJs such as Skrillex and Diplo are featured in two of the biggest hits on the album.

Community Assistant and senior Jaime Gweshe was a fan of these artists prior to their connection with Bieber.

“I would have never listened to [Bieber’s] songs before but I definitely gained some respect when he worked with some of my favorite DJs,” Gweshe said.

On one of the university’s Facebook groups for the class of 2018, an article was posted by a student that was titled “I am 20 years old with Bieber Fever.” The article gained a huge amount of responses including people reposting and liking it along with people commenting “Retweet” to indicate they agreed with what was posted.

The day that the concert ticket for Bieber’s tour went on sale was also hyped loudly. People were posting Snapchat stories about how they got their tickets and are counting down until the concert.

“Although I like the new songs, I can’t deny I’ve waited to escape the Bieber Fever a few times but it’s gotten hard throughout the UNH campus,” Gweshe said.

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