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Screening of the movie Everest 3D to come to UNH

By Adam Cook

Staff Writer

Treacherous winds, freezing temperatures and blizzards sound terrible to most people, but for Rob Hall, Jake Fischer and the rest of the brave hikers who tried to conquer Mt. Everest, it was their life’s calling.

On Thursday Dec. 3 to Sunday Dec. 6, the Memorial Union Building at the University of New Hampshire will be screening the movie Everest 3D which is a 3D reenactment of two fatal hikes led by Rob Hall and Jake Fischer in 1996 that took the lives of almost everyone who went.

The movie follows the real life accounts of Scott Fischer’s Mountain Madness group and Rob Hall’s Adventure Consultants group as they make the deadly trip to the top of Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world at approximately 29,000 feet. Both groups charge a high fee to hikers who want to have the experience of climbing Mount Everest as well as other extremely high peaks around the world.

The movie begins with an introduction of each character, giving a brief background of their family life, allowing the viewer to grasp an understanding that these hikers had lives outside of the climb.

After the main characters’ stories are described, the scenes progress to the airport and then their arrival in Nepal where the characters and viewers get a view of the mountain as well as an immersion into the culture.

The ascent to the summit begins, and the characters begin forming bonds as they climb together. But it doesn’t take long for the problems to begin. Faced with extremely cold temperatures, blizzards, lack of oxygen in the oxygen tanks, and exposure, the hikers do not have a lot of time to react before the mountain consumes them.

The movie uses the 3D effect to its advantage as it incorporates magnificent views of the depth perception of the mountains. When the climbers begin their hike, the producers use different angles to capture their efforts. Using the 3D effect, the depth and height that these people faced becomes a lot more realistic, and can help the viewer understand the danger that Mount Everest poses. 

The movie stars some well-known actors such as Keira Knightley and Jake Gyllenhaal among many others. The film was originally made for the Venice Film Festival and a few months after that it was sent to theaters.

The movie will be shown in the MUB this upcoming weekend two times a night.

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