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An overview of UNH's dining halls

By Adam Cook

Staff Writer

Finding your way around campus during your first week can be very stressful, even more so when you are hungry.

Here at UNH we have three dining halls spread out through campus, each with their own benefits depending on where you are and what you are after. Additionally, each dining hall posts its menu for the day on its respective website.

Holloway Commons

Holloway Commons, mostly referred to as ‘HoCo’, is located in a more central part of campus, near Hamilton Smith. HoCo is opened every day of the week.

It is the largest dining hall on campus, with two floors of dining area, and a wide array of food including a pizza station, a salad bar and many others varieties depending on the day.

Since HoCo is located in the center of campus, it is usually very busy during lunchtime, therefore I personally try to avoid eating lunch here until a little later than normal.

Along with the large dining area, HoCo is also connected to the MUB, which houses a game room, the mail room, various stores, a movie theater, and other attractions. All of these other areas add to the large amount of traffic you are bound to hit while eating at HoCo, but the food is definitely worth it.

Stillings Dining Hall

Stillings Dining Hall is located right next to Stoke Hall. This is most convenient for students living in the dorms since it is close to home. Stillings also carries a wide array of food but is smaller than HoCo as it only has one floor of dining.

Like HoCo, Stillings also tends to get crowded during regular meal times on any given day. Stillings Dining Hall used to be closed on Saturdays and Sundays, which proved to be problematic for residents who did not want to walk to HoCo for weekend meals. Since then Stillings has decided to change its hours of operation to close at 2 p.m. on Fridays and reopen on Sunday for lunch.

Along with the dining area, Stillings also includes a store called Wildcatessen, or more commonly referred to as Wild Kitty. Wild Kitty has most of your basic snacks, drinks and some supplies which you can pay for with your Dining Dollars. This is a great benefit when you are running low on snacks in your room. It also has a student-run sub shop where many students will eat on the weekends when Stillings is closed.

Philbrook Dining Hall

Philbrook Dining Hall, more commonly known as “Philly” is located on the opposite side of campus in comparison to Stillings. Philly, like the other two dining halls, has a wide variety of food.

If you like breakfast foods, Philly is the place to go. One of the most popular features of Philly is that it serves breakfast  throughout the entire day.

Another popular feature that Philly provides is called ‘Late Night.’ Philbrook stays open later than any of the other dining halls for those who get hungry after studying all evening.

Like Stillings, Philly also has a store called Pita Pit. Pita Pit is very similar to Wild Kitty. It too serves a variety of subs as well as snacks and other essentials for dorm life.

Stillings Dining hall is just one three on-campus dining halls at UNH.
Stillings Dining hall is just one three on-campus dining halls at UNH.
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