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The man, the myth, the milk

By Rebecca Anderson, Contributing Writer

Rebecca Anderson/Contributor Sophomore Jared Heath is known on campus for carrying around a gallon of milk and wearing a three-piece suit on a daily basis.
Rebecca Anderson/Contributor
Sophomore Jared Heath is known on campus for carrying around a gallon of milk and wearing a
three-piece suit on a daily basis.

University of New Hampshire sophomore economics major Jared Heath is somewhat of a novelty on campus: The 26-year-old is notorious for carrying around a gallon of milk and sporting an impressive three-piece suit.

Heath’s reputation has lived in Finland, Syria and Cuba while he served as a guard for the U.S embassies. Heath’s strategy began in 2010, but not out of a passion for milk.

Heath carries around a gallon of milk in order to hit his calorie mark without worrying about spending time and money on copious amounts of food.

“I have no special love for milk,” Heath said. “It is just the cheapest and easiest way to get the day’s 2,400 calories.”

Many students on campus take note of Heath’s fashion choices as well as his ever-present milk gallon.

Every day, Heath comes to campus wearing a three-piece suit. The explanation is as simple as his reason for drinking so much milk.

“I shouldn’t do things just to impress people, and I should hold myself to a higher standard,” Heath said.

Word spread quickly about Heath, and social media is usually tracking his every move. Heath is commonly referred to as Milk Gallon Guy or the Milk Man.

He has a consistent presence on Yik Yak, an app that many students utilize to note the happenings around campus. Heath does not have a Yik Yak but is aware of his fame.

He said he recently got a haircut, and through the power of social media his roommate heard the news before they even saw one another.

Although he holds such a notorious reputation, few of his peers know about his accomplished past.

Heath enlisted in the United States Marine Corps as a 17-year-old and since has been to various countries. He has completed two tours in Iraq, earning  distinction as a veteran.

Unsurprising to Ellen O’Keefe, the director of the Mathematics Center, Heath has made many friends along the way. 

“He will help anyone with anything,” O’Keefe said. “If he is able to help, he will.”

Much of Heath’s time is spent in the math center. He began going just to work on his math homework, but has since created friendships and often helps other students with their work.

According to O’Keefe, Heath jumps at the opportunity to assist students at the gym. He has trained a few of the math center employees who want some guidance when working out.

For the people closest to Heath, the milk and the suits are minute parts of him. Instead they applaud his generosity and enthusiasm over his everyday habits.

“It’s just part of who he is,” April Flore, program assistant of the Mathematics Center said. “We still admire how nice he looks. It is refreshing to see someone dressed up and look motivated.”

Others mirrored those thoughts.

“He really is genuinely interested in things,” O’Keefe said.  “It is not at all put on. His main characteristic is his generosity.”

Heath doesn’t concern himself with any negativity for his practices because he firmly believes in holding strong to personal values, regardless of any judgment.

“Know who you are what your values are,” Heath said. “Why do you do the things you do? If the reasons aren’t very good, then don’t do it.”

You can follow Heath on twitter @milk_gallon_guy.

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