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Fries: New Hampshire’s choice

From the Right

By Alex Fries

We often face a variety of different choices on a daily basis. Most of these choices seem relatively simple. Often times, we find ourselves being somewhat indecisive at first. However, after contemplating and weighing different options, we generally are able to find something to our liking. Undeniably, the best part about this process is having the freedom to choose.

Here in the United States we are blessed with a rich assortment of choices in almost every aspect of our lives. We can pick the foods we eat, the things we do in our free time, what we want to study and which careers we want to pursue. Luckily, we are blessed in having a variety of people who want to lead us. We are able to listen to these people and make our own decision about whom we choose to lead us.

This week, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul announced he will be seeking the nomination as the Republican candidate for President, bringing the total of officially declared Republican candidates to two. This comes shortly after Texas Sen. Ted Cruz announced his candidacy not too long ago.

In the upcoming weeks, maybe even a month or two, it is abundantly clear to me that we will see at least another handful of major politicians and other high profile personalities declare themselves as official presidential candidates. Many very experienced political operatives have stated several times that the probable 2016 field of Republican candidates for the presidency is most likely going to be the best field ever. At least better than those pools of candidates that they can remember.

I, myself, am extremely excited to see and hear from what is going to be a very big field with a broad variety of different ideas. I believe that we, as a Republican Party and as a country on the whole, can only benefit from such a broad variety of choices. It not only gives us the chance to weigh different opinions against each other, but it also encourages us to think about our values, our goals for the country and what we believe should be accomplished in the future. It also lets us reevaluate the current state of the country, its benefits and its shortcomings.

We, the people who live in New Hampshire, have an extraordinary opportunity to play a key role in the process of taking the first step towards what President Reagan called the “shining city upon a hill,” namely listening and debating the pros and cons of candidates and their opinions. If we debate, discuss and evaluate thoroughly and open mindedly, we can make a huge contribution towards a better future by voting for he or she whom we feel can ultimately lead the country in the right direction.

Alex Fries is a sophomore athletic training major and the president of the UNH College Republicans. Follow Alex on Twitter at           @AJFriesNH.

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