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Lamontagne: ‘Oh the choices you will make’

Stress Less

By Gabrielle Lamontagne

Felicititations! It’s no time to fret, but to be on the lookout for new experiences, ones that you’ll never regret. Oh the choices you’ll make, all the classes you’ll take!

You’ve got smarts in your head. You’ve got books in your bag. It can be scary to choose one thing or another, but with help from some friends, your persistence won’t lag. Get lots of good classes added to your queue, and then YOU are the guy who’ll decide what to do.

You’ll look up and down lists, look ‘em over with ease. About some you will say ‘I don’t choose to take these.’ With your mind full of thoughts and your bag full of sources, you’re too studious to take any not-so-good courses.

You’ve got friends up the hoo-hah. Advisors galore! Don’t take this process as a tedious, frustrating chore. They’re here to help you – give them a test! With their help in this time of need, you’ll get much, much more rest.

From the departments they head to the classes they teach, the professors you see are not out of reach! Glad to take the time to help a student in need, only ask – and you shall receive! TA’s and RA’s are there for you too, don’t skimp on your resources – always add to your crew.

If you’ve requirements pending, don’t make a fuss – how to fill them and when are the only topics to discuss. Majors and minors are complex concerns, but they’ll help you along on your future returns. Degrees take some time to fulfill and to get, but trust me in time it will definitely be worth it.

Don’t take too much time, precious or not, because RAC times are coming and without a plan you don’t want to be caught! There’s good times and bad times for doing each little task, but now is always better than later, because then you’ll have free time in which you can bask.

Now you’ve come to a dangerous place: The Waiting Place…You’re RAC number is here – or maybe not yet, but it’ll arrive any day now, no need to worry, I bet. So you’re waiting with fingers crossed or teeth grit or nail biting – but try not to be so nervous, it’ll ruin your body and can cause ulcers (for real!) – now that’s frightening!

As an Honors Student you know, there are many chores to be done. Once you’ve chosen your classes, there’s more than just fun in the sun! First you must register – before your RAC hour, in that way you’ll get the course that you want without new lists needing to scour. It’s not such a big deal, it’s electronic and takes about less time to finish than eating a meal. If your pre-registration is accepted you’ll receive an email – detailing your registration, just like a bill of sale.

And will your worries be released? I’ve no doubt in the least! (Though it’s doubtful they’ll ever be completely deceased.)

Friend, you’ll have fun! So be you an engineer, a chef, or a leader, or an entrepreneur with a minor in theatre, you’ll make great, fun, interesting choices! Where there’s a will there’s a way! Your RAC time is coming, so be prepared; don’t dismay!

Gabrielle Lamontagne is a sophomore double-majoring in French and business administration. She is currently studying abroad in Dijon, France.

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