Letter to the Editor: UNH students care about their future

Dear The New Hampshire,
Hello UNH!  Young people care very much about the future of our planet.  We boomers are passing on this mess.  You believe in science and science can address many of our problems.  But countless Republican candidates don’t believe in anything, other than attacking the liberals, cutting taxes for the rich, and cozying up to Donald Trump.  They have no plan to deal with any of our problems, including inflation and the economy. (Have you heard them offer even one idea for dealing with any of it?) They deny the reality of Joe Biden’s victory, they deny that climate change is caused by human beings, the Christian nationalists reject evolution, and their more noxious fellow travelers deny the Holocaust. You DO care about the future.  Why on Earth would you vote for any of these people?
Michael Behrendt
Durham, NH