How to get Involved on Campus?

UNH has over 300 student organizations!

Aimee Rothman, Staff Writer

DURHAM, NH- With over 300 student clubs and organizations, the University of New Hampshire (UNH), does not fall short of ways for students to get involved on campus. From sports, art, music, writing, reading, culture, politics and about every hobby in between; there’s an organization for just about anyone!

UNH has over 20 club sports teams, offering students a chance to continue the sports they used to play in high school, or even try something new. The UNH club tennis team offers a competitive experience for students on a “co-ed team of about 16 men and 16 women”, according to Jeff Marquis, captain of the team.

“We play other schools competitively on the weekends, and practice two to four times during the week,” Marquis said. “The club also attends larger events, such as the New England Sectionals tournament at Harvard, Nationals at a unique location across the US each year, and a larger tournament in California.

 Marquis said the club is focused on more than just tennis. “We also try to host fundraising and community service events.”

Students interested in learning more about languages and cultures are urged to join one of the many language and cultural clubs on campus. 

The French Club offers students a taste of French culture and language through music, film, discussions and trips. In the past, the French club has hosted trips to Montreal, Quebec and even New York City, according to President of French Club, Mikayla Tilden.

Tilden, a fourth year student  at UNH, has been involved in the club since her first  year and has worked her way up the chain of command, working previously as secretary. Hosting weekly meetings in the Memorial Union Building (MUB) allows members to give their own input on what they would like to learn and what trips they might want to take, such as the one they took to the Museum of Fine Arts. 

The French club also plans on attending the Poutine Fest on Oct.15. “Members will be able to help the chefs make poutine, sign the event passports and engage in the culture,” said Tilden. Tilden encourages any student interested in joining to reach out to her. She explained that it’s really more about learning the culture in a fun way. “If it was just a language club, I wouldn’t be the president,” Tilden said

 For students interested in event planning, the UNH Campus and Activities Board (CAB) offers the perfect opportunity. CAB is a student-run organization with many opportunities for leadership positions, including “a small executive board, two Public Relation chairholders, and executive chairholders who are assigned specific events to plan,” according to Marc Laferriere, co-director of CAB.

 The organization is funded by the student activity fee, allowing CAB to organize events such as movie nights, trivia, bingo and even a homecoming.

 Last semester, CAB collaborated with the Student Committee on Popular Entertainment (SCOPE) to produce an outdoor spring concert featuring Dominic Fike and Chelsea Cutler. 

“This concert pushed our boundaries and outside of our comfort zone,” said Lafierre. Lafierre continued. “CAB doesn’t typically organize live events like these, but this opportunity inspired us to dive deeper into the world of live entertainment.”

CAB usually plans events a few months in advance and juggles between four to five events at a time, Laferriere said. “This Sunday, Sept. 18., we are hosting a movie featuring Elvis at the fishbowl,” Laferriere said with enthusiasm. CAB will be starting their bingo nights soon, along with their Homecoming event on Oct. 7.

 Students interested in joining CAB are invited to attend a weekly meeting or email Lafferriere.

 For students with a passion for the arts, or those who just want a place to relax, Craft Crazy could be for you.

“Craft Crazy is a place where students can meet up and be creative,” said Sarah Genuario, co-president of the club.

Genuario joined the club her sophomore year, when Covid was in full gear. At that time, they only had about three members, and didn’t get to do too much, according to Genuario. They now have 30-55 people at meetings!

Craft Crazy hosts weekly meetings on Wednesday’s in MUB 164. 

“We give people the tools they need, and they have the creative power to express themselves from there,” Genuario continued.“We all have found it really helpful with dealing with stress.” 

“Craft Crazy gives us something fun to look forward to during weeks full of exams and homework,” said Genuario.

Students interested in joining Craft Crazy are encouraged to sign up via the WildCat Link to receive updates about weekly meetings and upcoming events.

Hillel is the UNH Jewish club.

“We meet once a week in the MUB, and offer a safe space for students, Jewish or not,” said Stav Alkaly. Alkaly continued, “For Jewish members, we want to help them learn more about their identity and culture, in a relaxed environment. However, anyone who is interested is welcome to join.” 

In the past, Hillel has hosted events, such as a canoeing trip. They also co-host events such as the Yom Kippur dinner with ​​Chabad at UNH.

Hillel is also working on a Halloween party for the future, and hopes to continue the canoe trip tradition into this year. Students interested in joining Hillel can sign up via the Wildcat Link, or reach out on Hillel’s instagram, @unh_hillel.

Although these are just a few of the many student run organizations UNH has to offer, more information on all organizations can be found via UNH Wildcat Link.

Members of UNH French Club. (Photo courtesy of French Club.)
UNH Campus and Activities Board. (Photo courtesy of CAB.)