2022 New Hampshire Primary Update

Ashlyn Giroux, Staff Writer

The 2022 New Hampshire Primary Election came to a close on Tuesday, Sept. 13. as the last polls around the state shut their doors at 8 p.m.

Candidates that have snubbed the top spots will be on the ballot in the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 3. Seats in the US House of Representatives and US Senate will be contested during this midterm.

Incumbents like Maggie Hassan (D-NH), US Senate; Chris Pappas (D-NH),US House of Representatives; and Chris Sununu (R-NH), Governor will remain on the ballot come Nov. 3.

New names on the ballot this year will include Donald Bolduc (R-NH), US Senate; Tom Sherman (D-NH), Governor; and Karoline Leavitt (R-NH), US House of Representatives.

Hassan, who has been US Senator for New Hampshire since 2016, won her re-election spot in a heavy lead against other Democrats, Paul Krautmann and Joe Riggieri at 94.3%. Hassan has long been a fan favorite of Independents, Democrats, and Republican voters alike in the purple state. Having been ranked the Most Bipartisan Senator by the Nonpartisan Lugar Center earlier in the year, Bolduc might have a tough race ahead of him.

Bolduc, a well-known believer that the 2020 election results were stolen and avid supporter of Donald Trump, secured the Republican nomination for US Senate in a narrow margin over Chuck Morse by 1,200 votes. Hassan has raised $31million while Bolduc has raised a little less than $600,000.

The Bolduc Campaign recently released a statement saying, “Just like President Trump did when he was elected in 2016, Don Bolduc will go to DC and drain the dreaded swamp.” Bolduc has also stated he believes current Governor Chris Sununu is “a Chinese communist sympathizer.”

If Bolduc defeats Hassan in November, Republicans would likely be able to regain the majority of the Senate.

Karoline Leavitt, a former aide in the Trump administration, could become one of the first members of Gen Z to join Congress if she is elected Nov. 3. She just reached the minimum age requirement to run for Congress after she turned 25 last month.

Leavitt will race against incumbent Chris Pappas and both have already begun to accuse one another of left and right-wing extremism.

“Chris Pappas likes to say that I’m an extremist, but he has enabled this extremist, far-left, Democrat agenda that is leading America into socialism,” Leavitt said.

Leavitt, much like Bolduc, is a believer that the results  of the 2020 Presidential Election were stolen and is a supporter of  the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade (1974). Leavitt went on Fox News to support Senator Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) 15 week abortion ban and to further fuel her dispute with opponent Pappas.

The November Midterms will now be a tight race with these Democratic incumbents going head-to-head against favored GOP candidates. More information on candidates and their stances can be found here.