Updated Tailgating Policies, Fall 2022


Ava Montalbano, Staff Writer

In light of last year’s tailgating concerns, the University of New Hampshire (UNH) has recently updated its tailgating policies in hopes of creating a more organized and safe environment. The University announced these changes at the beginning of this year’s fall semester, bringing mixed feelings from its student body and a tailgating season that will look different compared to previous years.

Beginning Sept. 1, the university will require tickets for students and the general public to enter all tailgating areas unless the party arrives within a paid vehicle. Unlike previous years, tailgating is only permitted four hours before kickoff and must end when the game begins. This change may exude some disappointment from fans who have enjoyed extending their game-day celebrations until halftime.

“The new tailgating rules take away from the social life on campus,” a fourth-year student stated. 

Due to littering concerns from previous years tailgates, attendants will be provided with trash bags upon entry and must dispose of waste in the appropriate locations. Vehicles with excessive garbage or litter surrounding their vehicle can be subject to ticketing and towing. The university has also prohibited large parties over 20 to avoid this negative behavior. 

In terms of vehicle policies, parking attendants will be there to direct all tailgating vehicles to their parking arrangement. The number of attending people within a vehicle can not exceed the number of seatbelts, meaning groups cannot arrive within the beds of trucks. Although in past years students have not had issues coming to events in truck beds, this policy change is partly due to New Hampshire’s 2015 regulation change on transporting passengers within truck beds. 

While alcohol is permitted in designated lots (Priority Lot, Preferred Lot, Boulder Field, Moiles Lot), it must be brought within a vehicle, and excessive use of alcohol is prohibited. To prevent game day attendees from drinking and driving, the university will allow cars to remain parked overnight until 9 a.m. on weekends and 6:30 a.m. on weekdays.  

Finally, this year’s tailgates will not allow large parties atop truck beds, kegs, hard alcohol, excessive amounts of beer, drinking games or loud music. The university claims these rules have been enacted to ensure a safe and fun environment for all tailgating attendees, but many students worry some of these may take away from typical tailgating traditions. 

“Tailgating is an iconic part of the football game day experience. Creating a safe, enjoyable, fun experience for everyone who attends wildcat football is important.” Chief Paul Dean wrote in an email.

 “Managing the risks associated with football tailgating such as pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and the legal and responsible consumption of alcohol, reduces risk to fans. Stopping incidents impacting the quality of the fan experience such as excessive littering and public urination increases the enjoyment of the fan experience. We’re committed to working with student government throughout this football season to identify opportunities to improve the new tailgating plan,” said Dean.

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