Top 10 Places to Visit in (or near) Durham

Outside of the classroom at the University of New Hampshire (UNH), there’s endless things to do and places to see in and around Durham. Take a look at staff writer Stefanie Kistler’s top 10 places students must visit during their time at UNH!

Stefanie Kistler, Staff Writer



    1. Stone Church Music Club, Newmarket. 

The Stone Church Music Club is a popular spot in Newmarket, New Hampshire for local bands to play and for people to dance and have fun. Located only 15-minutes off campus (by car), it is a fun way to get to know the local bands and get away from a more stereotypical party scene. With its old-school feel and variety of talented acts, the Stone Church Music Club is an amazing place to let loose and have fun.

  1. Topanga Canyon Vintage

 For a shop that opened only two years ago, Topanga Canyon Vintage has certainly made its mark as the most popular thrift shop in town. It is host to a collection of quirky pieces, with an array of truly vintage items in stock. The shop also regularly takes part in The Makers Market to support local artists and hosts a variety of events throughout the year. Located in Jenkins Court, it takes about five minutes to get there walking from the center of campus, and is a fun and affordable way to spend an afternoon in Durham.     

  1. Emery Farm

Just down the road from UNH, this adorable farm has many aspects to entertain students, especially during the fall. Apple and pumpkin picking, a corn maze, wagon rides and freshly baked apple cider donuts create an ideal autumn atmosphere. Not to mention the varied scenery around the farm that provides visitors with plenty of photo opportunities as well. The farm also has a café that sells a variety of locally made treats and goods like warm pastries and delicious hot chocolate.

  1. Northeastern Pie Company

Located near Spaulding Hall, this campus famous food truck sells delicious pies to hungry UNH students year-round. With its convenient location and variety of flavors, the truck certainly draws a crowd and many students call it their go-to breakfast spot. From basic apple pie to decadent thanksgiving flavors, this truck is a must for students to visit.

  1. The Freedom Café

The Freedom Café is probably the most difficult café to find in Durham. With a small sign and building that looks more like a house than a café, many students will walk by it not even knowing it’s there. Those who do regularly visit enjoy fresh coffee and tasty breakfast items. Regulars also experience local bands playing and the general homey atmosphere. The kicker: The Freedom Café is a nonprofit. All the proceeds the café makes go towards ending human trafficking. The Café also operates on a ‘name your price’ basis, in which they will give the recommended donation based on market value, so customers will know 100% of their money is going to charity. The café is located at 37 Main Street, so head down there to fill your stomach and contribute to a local charity.

  1. Sweetened Memories Bakery

In the same building as Topanga Vintage lies one of the sweetest places in Durham. Sweetened Memories is one of the few bakeries around, and offers a variety of desserts, but specializes in cupcakes. They have a massive number of delicious flavors, and just walking into the building is a treat for the senses. Sweetened Memories regularly has many deals on packs of items, so head there for yummy cupcakes to share!

  1. Ramon’s Food and Coffee Cart

To many students over the years, Ramons is a saving grace for 8a.m. classes. The coffee cart is located between Paul Creative Arts Center and Horton Hall on Academic Way.  The regularly long lines have shown how beloved Ramones is to the UNH community.. The energizing, delicious coffee Ramon’s offers is a perfect way to wake up for an early chem lecture, whether you’re a student or professor! Ramon’s has been and will remain, a campus staple.

  1. Fry’d

 Anyone who has walked around UNH campus late at night (or early in the morning to get specific) knows about Fry’d. Operating out of Wildcat Pizza, Fry’d serves late-night munchies Wednesday through Sunday with  ‘Fry’d’ food. They have a variety of greasy treats from popcorn chicken, to grilled cheeses. The lines can get long, but the food hits the spot and satisfies late night cravings.

  1. College Woods

 For the nature lovers out there, College Woods is one of the most picturesque and relaxing places on campus. Walking through New Hampshire’s famous fall foliage is a fun adventure, gets  students away from a more stereotypical college setting and is a nice break from the hustle and bustle of UNH’s campus.

  1. Paul Creative Arts Center (PCAC)

While the PCAC is a building where many students attend class, it also hosts a beautiful art section that is open to both students and the general public. The exhibits that are shown shift around regularly, but without fail the PCAC shows the best of NewHampshire’s local art. It’s also not a bad way to get out of the summer heat, so check it out and experience the beautiful art while keeping cool! See what exhibits are currently open!

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