Weekend Recap: Day in the Life Event


Stefanie Kistler

DURHAM – On Saturday May 7 the University of New Hampshire’s (UNH) student organization  hosted the daylong event “Day in the Life” in the fishbowl to spread awareness about sexual assault and rape culture with informative and fun activities.

Wildcats In Action, a student organization that focuses on giving students a voice to spread awareness on sexual assault, and educate people, was formed during the fall of 2021 in response to growing restlessness surrounding the topic of sexual assault on UNH campuses.

Day in the Life is an event that focuses on spreading awareness about sexual assault through multiple booths and activities. Some of these booths include a self-defense station, a station where students can do a catwalk in high-heels, and a period cramp stimulator station. The event also sold food and drinks to attendees, as well as hosted a raffle for students who participated in every booth.

Clarissa Gowing, one of the co-presidents of Wildcat’s in Action and a UNH sophomore, says this event is just part of their wider goal.

“We want ‘Day in the Life’ to become an annual event,” said Gowing. “The audience is mainly not survivors. We want to get people to be more aware of the realities of rape culture in our society and community. We are also working toward a mandatory one-credit class.”

This class, as proposed by Wildcat’s in Action, would be required for first-year students and first-year transfers to take. It would inform students on a variety of topics, from sexual health to self-defense.

“It would not be strictly about sexual assault, not like the canvas module. It would be about campus resources, advising, and student’s responsibilities. Essentially it would be a way to fill the gap in from what high school did not teach students to make sure students are prepared and safe,” said Gowing.

Gowing said the class is a huge long-term goal for the organization and that right now Day in the Life is the event they are focusing all their energy and effort. Gowing said that the clubs’ members have put in 100% of their effort into making the event enjoyable and instructive.

Cassidy Stadtfeld, a member of the club’s executive board, has been part of the planning to Day in the Life for months now, and believes events like this very important when trying to reach a wider audience.

“We are trying to make this event not just informative, but fun as well. Events like the catwalk seem fun and silly, but really have a strong message behind them about the realities people face in our society,” said Stadtfeld.

She said that the event is not meant to make light of situations that people face, but that in order to get the message through to people it must be something they want to do or see. By packaging this information in an enjoyable activity, they hope to attract a wide array of people and spread awareness across campus.

Day in the Life took place on the UNH fishbowl lawn from 12 P.M. to 5 P.M. on Saturday, May 7 as a part of Unity Day. The organization urged people to swing by and check out the fun and education booths, enjoy food, and earn some prizes. Check out the organization’s Instagram page, @wildcatsinaction.

Photos courtesy of TNH Photographer Jackie Weik.