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TNH Summer fashion review

By Fatima Jaber, Contributing Writer



With classes starting and the weather changing, UNH fashionistas are breaking out their trendiest fall apparel and saying goodbye to their revealing summer clothes. But before jumping into fall fashion, it’s only fair to take a look back at what was hot and what was not during the summer.

We’re all familiar with the famous (or infamous) high waist shorts. Girls were seen sporting these cheeky bottoms with anything from tucked in shirts to crop tops. Although they tend to be a must have for many girls, are they really hot? Or did the female population just decide to jump on the high waist short bandwagon without much thought? When asking our fellow UNH boys on their opinions on these shorts, most were not fans of them. Sophomore Zach Smargon says, “I really don’t like high waist shorts. They’re really unflattering.” It seems these 90’s shorts were in popular demand among girls but not so popular among most boys.

And what’s something high waist without a crop top? These stomach bearing shirts were a total hit this summer. Although not fit for all body types, girls were seen showing off their tummies with these skimpy tops. Paired with a skirt or some shorts, crop tops were worn almost anywhere. But are these tops made for everyone? Like high waist shorts, not everyone is capable of rocking them. That still didn’t stop girls from flaunting what they got.

Maxis made a big comeback as well. These long skirts and dresses are not only comfortable but cute and classy. Whether they’re form-fitting or flowy, maxis definitely were not a flop and will most likely be making another appearance next summer.

As for shoes, gladiator sandals were a go-to. These strappy shoes, often called “Jesus sandals” among boys, are totally hot with the perfect pedi and tan. With some gladiator sandals zipping all the way up the calves, they may be hard to pull off, but with the right outfit are totally trendy.

And what’s a cute outfit without accessories to pull it all together? Chunky necklaces were (and still are) so in. Is your outfit plain and simple? Nothing a big necklace can’t fix.

When asked to sum up girl’s summer fashion from a guy’s perspective, sophomore Christian Roberts tells it how it is: “I like sundresses and I don’t like high waist shorts ‘cause it’s not appealing to me honestly. I like bikinis. It’s fun. I like very colorful clothing on women.”

Overall, this summer contained many different styles that some found hot and others found not. But the warm season is now over so put down your pumpkin spice lattes, ladies. It’s time to pack up your summer outfits to make way for fall fashion.

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