UNH Coffee and Food Cart Rrramon’s to remain closed until the Fall


Evan Edmonds

Rrramon’s Food and Coffee cart on 20 Academic Way will remain closed until the start of the fall 2021 semester. 

After initially planning to reopen in April, the announcement was made on the Rrramon’s Facebook page early this March that they would not be returning to the University of New Hampshire (UNH) campus until August. The post details the complications interfering with the return of the campus favorite coffee cart, but says those who still want delicious White Mountain Coffee can arrange a pick up time on campus with owners Ramon and Kristen Valdez. 

Due to the uncertainty regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) cases on campus, including the conversion to orange mode of operations in February, they said it was best for them to postpone their reopening.  

“This was a very hard decision, but it’s a decision that works best for us at this time. We thank everyone for their support and patience, concerns and kindness,” the post said. 

In the meantime, Ramon and Kristin said they have been taking days one step at a time and caring for their family. They said they miss the UNH community very much and all the support has been heartwarming. 

Rrramon’s feels confident that the COVID-19 situation on campus will continue to improve as more folks get vaccinated and they look forward to opening “full swing,” when the fall semester comes around. 

For those who love Rrramon’s coffee – White Mountain – they can reach out to Ramon and Kristin through Facebook on Monday or Tuesday with the flavors they want for one pound bags and arrange a time to pick them up by Friday of that week. Students can also order on the White Mountain Coffee site for delivery by mail. Online it features a variety of unique flavors that are yet to be featured at Rrramon’s, like Cinnamon Hazelnut Creme, or Mint Chocolate Chip. Don’t forget some of the classic Rrramon’s favorites though: like White Chocolate Macadamia Nut and Christmas Cookie. 

Support for Rrramon’s among the UNH community has been resonating ever since they packed up for winter break. On UNH Music’s Instagram, Rrramon’s Food and Coffee Cart was the winner of their March Madness themed UNH eatery bracket. The music department shared its excitement to welcome Ramon and Kristin back to campus next fall. 

gofundme page was started up in February for an ‘end of the year tip’ to help out Rrramon’s from the lack of business as a result of the pandemic. Kelly Dixon, a UNH senior, started the fundraiser to help out Ramon and his family as small businesses have been impacted so heavily from all the factors of the pandemic. So far, the page has earned $2,315, way over the listed goal of $500 with a total of 106 donors. 

On the Facebook page, Ramon thanked everyone in the community for the support and wrote: “I miss all of you students faculty and staff. I promise I will be back as soon as I can.” 

Photo courtesy of Ramon Valdez.