Overnight theft at clothing store Topanga Canyon Vintage


Evan Edmonds

A handwritten road sign was stolen in the middle of the night Saturday night from vintage clothing store Topanga Canyon Vintage on Jenkins Court in Durham, N.H. 

This is the second Durham small business to have property stolen from them in recent weeks, following coffee bar rise + grind’s signs and tables being stolen as well. The sign was a secondhand road sign that was handwritten by employees of Topanga Canyon Vintage in order to keep costs low. It was noticed to be missing Sunday morning and disappeared sometime after close Saturday night. 

The new clothing store is a “recycled, reworked and upcycled clothing venture.” They support the slow and recycled fashion movement, repairing and sanitizing used clothes to the best of their ability before sale. The shop at 13 Jenkins Court in Durham is open Wednesday to Sunday noon to 5 p.m., or by appointment. Patrons can visit their Instagram to shop online as well. 

Sadie MacIver, a partner at Topanga Canyon Vintage said it hurt not only because they’re a new small business in town, but because of how much they value supporting the community. 

A lot of effort has gone into their work: sourcing all the merchandise they can from thrift stores, yard sales and Facebook marketplace. For it to be taken after all that work, they are disappointed, MacIver said. 

She said they are understanding, however, that mistakes can happen, and more than anything wish to have their sign returned, and they wish the same for Durham’s other small businesses. 

Chef Bobby Marcotte announced on their Face-book page that rise + grind’s property was reportedly found, although most of it was destroyed. Marcotte said in the video announcement that he was “super stoked,” that the issue was resolved, and those responsible apologized for their actions. 

He continued to thank the community for their continued support: listing professors, students, families, customers, residents, the Durham P.D and more. “This is why I opened a second business here in Durham, New Hampshire, because I love the community,” he said. 

MacIver said they didn’t file any official reports because they know it was a stupid mistake, and would rather just have it returned than pursue legal action. Similar to how well the situation was handled at rise + grind, Topanga Canyon Vintage is banking on community members to be responsible and own up to their mistakes. 

As stated from previous thefts, these late night thefts are only making things harder on small businesses that are just trying to make ends meet in an already difficult time. Those at Topanga Canyon Vintage wish that no other small businesses are stolen from. 

MacIver shared a message on behalf of the business: “this past year has been hard for us all, please be kind to one another.” 

Anyone with information leading to the return of the sign can call Topanga Canyon Vintage at 603-389-9233 or email them at [email protected].  

Photo courtesy of Topanga Canyon Vintage.